1. In a completely illegal and sick way, anyone camped out in front of balloon boy’s house deserves a few punches in the face. But then again, anyone willing to resort to violence deserves the cops taking him downtown (which I assume happened). This video was a big win/win!

  2. Going by this video alone (assuming the off-camera story didn’t play out differently), I’d have to side with the neighbor. It’s reminds me of the paparazzi that mobbed Britney Spears’ car, then one pap tried to sue her for running over his foot. At least this guy called the police first (it was probably the cops). I’m just curious what the last guy did “again” that made the neighbor get out of his truck and confront him. That could make all the difference.

  3. I already wrote the trailer, someone needs to sign him to a deal. Enter highly paid VO guy…

    “… One man, determined to protect his home, a man scorned and outnumbered, alone against the enemy. When push comes to shove, when cul-de-sac traffic has gone too far, enter – the Neighbor, coming to a work terminal to you.”

    I’ll never get tired of watching the paps/ridiculous media guys getting static.

  4. If there’s any lesson here, it’s that sometimes you just have to bow to the absurd. No point in getting into a lather over it, is there?

  5. I’m with Neighbor dude!

    I thought he was about to cry when he kept repeating “from behind?”
    But then he grabbed that guy’s head and started pummeling.


  6. Also I love how you can hear some media guy saying “You should stop the camera”.

    He knew EXACTLY what story the cameras told.
    Fukcen assholes.

  7. More like “Media Fights Balloon Boy’s Neighbor”

    Seriously, what do they expect? He isn’t a public person. He just lives nearby.

    The “media” consists of nothing but douchebags these days. A boy in a balloon: fun story… for a day or two. But aren’t there more interesting topics to cover? Politics? 2 wars?

  8. What was the purpose of that guy tackling him from behind? I loved that once he grabbed him he looked around and asked “a lil’ help guys?”

  9. The only disappointing thing about this video is that he didn’t get any solid licks on those press DBs. These guys are not real investigative reporters, they are muckrakers, who give the real journalists a bad name. If just one of those upper cuts had landed, it would have been nice. And at Justin, a person has the right to defend himself and his property in this country; and sometimes that defense comes to violence.

  10. Supposedly the guy in the yellow shirt was actually another Heene neighbor and not a journalist. I’m not sure if I believe it though, since the angry guy in the white shirt doesn’t make any mention of it. I would think he’d be at least a little bewildered that a neighbor of his would jump on his back and might mention something about it.

  11. Of course the media-guy asked for help. He knew that once he let go he was in for a major ass beating.

    The media are scum. We all know that. Those who don’t are sycophants in need of leadership. There is no reason for them to be there because this is NOT NEWS. Everyone’s fine, no one got hurt. Let the authorities do what they need to and everyone else bugger off.

  12. This is why you guys need concealed firearms. Not only would the whole thing have been sorted out nice and quick and replaced with a much bigger one, also would’ve been a bigger story, especially if everyone was carrying.

    I’m with the neighbour btw. That goon who jumped him got off light

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