Dolphins Tossing Jellyfish

From BBC:

A marine survey team off the north Wales coast discovered dolphins, playing ‘football’ with jellyfish lying on the water’s surface.

The bottlenose dolphins were spotted tossing the jellyfish off Tremadog Bay. Jonathan Easter, one of the team said the “incredible images…present more questions than answers!”

(via Dangerous Minds)


  1. A few years ago I saw a video of dolphins playing “ball” with a little porpoise. The poor guy was terrified and crying out, but the dolphins kept roughing him up. It was terrible.
    Who knew flipper had a mean steak?

  2. @ namowal: I guess you meant mean STREAK, but your way works too.

    I’ve heard that dolphins are pretty unfeeling and brutal when (and with what) they play. Don’t let that smile fool you; they’re cold-blooded killers, just waiting for you to turn your back for one second. I guess what I’m saying is they’re a cross between Aquaman and John Wayne Gacey.

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