1. @Justin
    Have you heard that Johnny Depp is working on another reincarnation of Dark Shadows? I guess it has been his dream to play Barnabas. So brace yourself for more fangy entertainment!

  2. Twilight, Cirque Du Freak, True Blood and The Vampire Diaries. The problem is that they’re all being marketed to teen girls and have no shame in doing so. Well, maybe True Blood isn’t being marketed to them as directly but at least where I live they all seem to have taken quite a shine to it. In all fairness, I haven’t seen Cirque Du Freak or The Vampire Diaries, but I don’t imagine they’re much more than attempts to cash in on Twilight’s success (though I am aware the books behind these series are actually older). I watched a third of the first Twilight movie, it all seemed like one giant fan-girl wank from the get-go which was all right because I was expecting that much. Then Edward Cullen revealed he couldn’t be out in the sunlight because his skin was made of diamonds. Clearly the movie wanted me to eject it at this point, I was happy to oblige.

  3. Oh, yea… the site is called “cynical c”…

    Seriously, though, I enjoy “True Blood”. It’s just plain entertaining (and pretty good comedy).

  4. “Let the Right One In”

    or as it’s called in the original Swedish:
    Låt den rätte komma in

    It’s the best vampire movie ever made.
    If you only watch one vampire movie this decade make it this one.
    I can’t watch shit like True Blood after watching this.
    No emo shit. No “cool” gothic clubs. No flamboyant shit. Just a small, often touching, often visceral movie.
    I can’t recommend this enough.

    (and yeah, I know this post is all about there being too many vampire movies around. I agree. you should still try to get a hold of this one)

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