‘At The Mountains of Madness’ Prop Set

From Propnomicon:

The “From the Mountains of Madness” project has been underway since the start of this blog, and odds are that it will never really be finished. Every couple of weeks I think of some new item to include or a minor refinement to the existing presentation, so it steadily keeps getting bigger and better over time. Much of what you’ll find here, from the patches and pins to the faux photographs, is a direct result of that process of continual improvement.

This installment is different from all the prior ones in that most of it was written by Robbert Folmer, a fan of both H. P. Lovecraft and fossils that was kind enough to offer his expertise. He’s made a huge contribution with his advice on making the fossil samples that are part of the project consistent with both science and the text of “At the Mountains of Madness”. Everything that follows was pieced together from our email exchange on the subject and Mr. Folmer deserves all the credit for making it available.

(via Make:Blog)