Fine Art

This piece of fine art *straight face now* that demonstrated how Jesus wrote the Constitution, Founded the United States of America, and built Three Mile Island giving him that alluring glow, was going around the web yesterday. The best part about it is if you go to the site and move the mouse over it, there is a alt text on the right for each person in the painting. For example, put your mouse on the professor (he’s the one standing next to satan clutching the copy of Origin of Species) and you learn that he represents the liberal control of education.

Well, it didn’t take long for the internet to jump on this and improve it. Sweet, sweet intertubes, how I do love you.


Sweet Cthulhu!

How Easy Will it be for XP Owners to Upgrade to Windows 7?

Very easy. Unless you want to keep all your personal files and programs:

The system for upgrading is complicated, but Vista owners can upgrade to the exactly comparable edition of Windows 7 while keeping all files, settings and programs in place.

Unfortunately, XP owners, the biggest body of Windows users, won’t be able to do that. They’ll have to wipe out their hard disks after backing up their files elsewhere, then install Windows 7, then restore their personal files, then re-install all their programs from the original CDs or downloaded installer files. Then, they have to install all the patches and upgrades to those programs from over the years.

Harry Connick Jr. Explains to Australia Why Blackface Performances are Not a Good Idea

From the Seattle PI:

Harry Connick Jr. found himself at the center of a TV scandal Wednesday when he appeared as a guest judge on a popular Australian variety show.

The singer-actor became visibly uncomfortable when a group of doctors did a Jackson Five routine in blackface and Afro wigs on Hey Hey It’s Saturday. The man portraying Michael Jackson, however, was smeared in white makeup.

Connick gave the performance a score of zero and said if it had aired in the United States, the show would have been pulled off the air. While one of the other judges gave the performance a similarly low score, the other complimented the choreography and gave the group a seven.

The variety show’s host, Daryl Sommers, apologized to the crooner at the end of the program, noting that it was insulting to Americans. Connick agreed.

College R.A. Removed From Post After Performing So-Called ‘Exorcism’

Sounds perfectly reasonable:

A resident hall adviser at a small Christian school was removed from his position for performing what he said was an “exorcism” on a fellow student he decided was possessed by the devil.

Nathan Mallory, a junior at Berry College in Georgia, was hosting a Bible study in his dorm room on Sept. 21 when he noticed a female student behaving oddly, according to school newspaper the Viking Fusion.

The paper said the unidentified woman — who has since transferred to another school — was repeating the word “no” as the other students around her sang hymns.

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My Toughest Shot

From Outside:

We asked 16 photographers to share their hardest-won images and the wild, sometimes foolish, and invariably bold adventures behind them. From a nomadic Kutchi camp in Tajikistan to a frozen lake in Siberia, and everywhere in between, these pros show–and tell–how they got the job done.

For example:

I took this picture the moment we realized we were sinking. It was 1999 and I was in the hold of a 25-foot handmade sailboat with 44 Haitian immigrants. Water started pouring in and David, the man looking at the camera, said, “Chris, you’d better start taking pictures, because we only have an hour to live.” I was 29, trying to capture a journey of immigrants who risk everything to reach America. That I could die here hadn’t registered until this moment. All I could do was take photographs as a reflex, a way to deal with my fear, even though I assumed the pictures were going to die with me. We were saved by a Coast Guard cutter that happened upon us. It made me understand that taking photographs is as much about explaining the world to myself as it is about explaining it to other people.

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