What to Get For a Birthday AND a Retirement Gift

Piri took me up on today’s question of the day where I asked how I could be of assistance. She’s looking for advice on gifts to give. I’m really bad at this. Does anybody have some suggestions for her?

I need advice on what to get my Dad for his birthday and what to get my Mom for a retirement gift.

Mom’s retiring from IBM so I was thinking along the lines of a repurposed floppy disc (or related old technology) into something useful would be nice, but I can’t find something that I think she’d like. Computer part clocks are ugly… 3.5 floppies get upcycled to notebook covers, but that doesn’t seem nice enough for a retirement gift.

Dad asked for Beer Brewing things but Mom & Sister got everything he asked for. He doesn’t need a “beer sampler” or “beer of the month” or an “I <3 Beer" tee or any silly beer related thing, but I'd like to get something beer related since he's brewing again for the first time in years. Etsy has beer soaps which sounds neat, but my mom makes soap so they don't need that. Something like that though maybe…

Any ideas?