1. Eventually, most people who do this will elect for plastic surgery to fix this self-mutilation. If we go down the path of national health care, I hope they are forced to pay for it out of pocket.

  2. nice.
    i haven’t seen this in pittsburgh but i tend to go to great lengths to avoid college kids and hipster types.

    i have however seen so many mohawks in the past couple months that i now loathe the mohawk and pine for the days when they meant something.

  3. Perhaps they can use their new ‘flesh loops’ to tie hats on their heads, covering their ears once the fashon has moved on, and they suddenly realise that ‘it doesn’t grow back’.

  4. I have small flesh tunnels/plugs which should grow back whenever I choose to take them out…but this is just silly

    @err but yea, i wouldn’t say this trend is hipster…definitely more scene

  5. thanks terry, one of these days i will have a clear understanding of all the different classes of cool… but, you know, i’m just not there yet.

  6. Men with long hair and earrings… body piercings, excessive tattoos, etc. A few years from now this too will seem tame, because everyone under 25 will look like this guy: http://cellar.org/pictures/lizardman.jpg

    Or maybe the new craze will be a disc extending the lower jaw and a series of copper rings to stretch the neck. Either way, thanks but no thanks. For me extreme is when I grow a soul patch during my vacation.

  7. the kids always say those big holes will grow back (even commenter Terry says they “should” grow back) but I seriously doubt they will.
    look for a bunch of really weird looking old people in another generation!!

  8. It is called Gauging. I have mine Gauged to 3/4 inch. It is very common thing in the tattoo culture. They will shrink smaller when you want to take them out but will not close all the way when you go past 6.5mm.

  9. Ohhh, lookit all the ageist bingo going on in the room. Anyone would think you’ve all forgotten what it’s like to be young and in search of self 🙂

  10. Zomg!!! The Kids These Days will be our ruination! They are contributing to the devolution of the human race!!! They just want attention! I know this from my extensive learnings , mostly acquired from observing Kids These Days in their natural habitat, public transport.

    I remember back in my day….

  11. Ahem, modern youth here. I agree with the blogmeister, these piercings are an attention grab and a personality replacement (like the guy who goes everywhere with a boa constrictor). To say this kind of body modification is a search for self seems somewhat backwards to me given that most of the time they’re an attempt to conform to an easily joined sub-culture. If anything they inhibit the search for self if taken too far as certain doors may be shut to people bearing visible signs of their past exploration.

    Also, as Chinchilla0 mentioned, the larger gauge holes tend to build up an unpleasant odor if not properly cared for and there are few things more annoying than that fleshy stench.

  12. @Mike aka MonolithTMA – Mine have been journalist, photographer, designer (web, print), editor, DJ.

    I’ve had mine for over 10-years now, and the smart people can usually see that is just a modification – it doesn’t change who I am as a person, employee, employer, contact, friend etc.

    @AmandaNZ – I’m amazed they aren’t telling everyone to “turn that damn racket off” while telling us about how much better it was “in my day”.

  13. Wait wait wait. Forgive me, I’ve just woken up so I’m far from sharp and perceptive at the moment. Was that sarcasm at my expense, an unintentionally racist comment or just straight up racist?

  14. I have a hard time believing any plug/gauge piercing will “grow back” even the smaller ones. I stopped wearing standard sized earrings about 12 years ago but the pin sized holes are still quite visible. On the related body mod issue, I have 10+ tattoos and I cover them while at work with long sleeves. This can be quite inconvenient when it is warm out.

  15. I try to take a “live and let live” attitude, but looking at this makes me hurt. People sometimes ask why I never got a tattoo (my former coworkers all had them, and my husband has plenty) and I say “life has enough pain in it without me paying for more.”

  16. that looks disgusting. thankfully we dont get people who are like that around here

    they remind me of tribes that get found in the amazon that were cut off from civilization for thousands of years….

  17. Wait, why did that cos guy (or gal) get banned just now? I thought what was said was spot on.

    I know many ppl with ears gauged just like that and I m black myself and I dont recall something racist there. As for sarcasm, I dont know,

  18. Hey SkePt,

    I didn’t want to presume racism and it seemed possible cos was making a point about my generalization being innapropriate by taking them to some kind of extreme. I missed his second comment so I may be missing some context here but it seemed that he was making use of a racist stereotype (that doesn’t seem like the right word, but I can’t think of a better one just now) concerning people of color and non-human primates.

  19. Come on, I expected more of you, Chris! I’ve read your blog for years, that’s just not fair with the modified culture. Of course there are lots of stupid teens that do that kind of stuff to “look rad” (and will eventually regret it), but there’s lots of people who take it seriously, as a hobby and a way of life (check out http://www.bmezine.com).

  20. Oh and I have my own bussiness, worked in a design company for 10 years, and no client ever had a problem with my appearance. I’m heavily tattooed and pierced and have 1 inch lobes (and by the way, if you take a shower everyday like a person, your lobes won’t stink).

  21. Mmmm, love me some BMEzine, particularly the “hard” and “extreme” sections. Then again, I’m a sick sick man who’s intrigued by genital modification. The more normal body modifications and piercings posted to BMEzine are quite nice too, generally well thought out and artistic. The average schmuck on the streets is just doing it to fit into a group/sub-culture though. It’s kind of hard to say if this person is a body modification enthusiast or a schmuck based on a photo alone.

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