How To Make a Cat Gag

Or at least how to make this cat gag. I gotta find a coin and a comb to try this on Cynikitty.


Same reaction with Cynikitty.

(via Arbroath)

Update 2

Well, now that just about everyone who read this post has been chasing the nearest cat with a comb and a coin it seems that this gag reflex is a common thing. Weird. I tried googling to see why a coin dragged across the teeth of a comb would make my cat want to vomit but so far I haven’t come up with the right search phrase.


  1. Something to do with frequency/pitch? Much like humans reacting to nails on blackboard?

    I’ve had my cat react to twittering birds and fast rewinding audio tape like a mother cat to kittens (runs into room with strange mummy kitteh mew).

  2. Quick! More experiments! More cat gagging! We need to find out if it works all the time!

    Seriously, though, the science behind this would interest me…

  3. I tried it on one of my cats, Arlo. No gagging. He just gave me an annoyed look.
    But then he’s not a normal cat. I have to try it on the other two.

  4. >> Isn’t this the last thing you want from your cat?

    On the surface, sure. But think about the deeper implications. If the effect of this is common enough that it can make the majority of cats yark with predictable regularity, then the coincomb process can be weaponized and used for our benefit in the impending cat uprising.

    Don’t act like you didn’t know it was coming. They’ve been scheming our overthrow for centuries.

  5. I have three cats. No gag reaction. One looked interested in the noise, then rubbed his cheek against the comb.

    Too bad. It would be nice to be able to have them puke when and where I want them to instead of finding it with my bare feet in the middle of the night.

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