1. Aren’t these the people who really, REALLY want us to crack down on illegal immigration? Yet they’re unwilling to even give the government their phone number? Talk about wanting to have it both ways.

  2. I don’t know, but among all the crazy things those people are against, this might be the sanest. It’s a legitimate question to ask what the hell the government does with this amount of personal data. We had similar discussions and protests in Europe. By the left.

    Look at the kind of databases the UK is building up. It’s the early stage of a police state.

  3. My favorite part is where they try to link the Census with Acorn. I worked the 1990 Census, and was asked to elave a few yards because the owners didn’t trust the guvmint. The questions are numerous because the Census does nit rely on other agencies for its info. It wants to collect all the data itself. I made more money for a complete form, but in the end, all they really cared about was the headcount. That guy who wanted me off his lawn? He was counted.

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