Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks to Inti for sending in his cat, Chulingo.

Your blog is an everyday read for me, and I thought I could suggest a candidate for Guest Cat Blogging. Apart from being photogenic, he has a particular story.

In September 2001 I was living in Nicaragua. It had been 2 weeks since 9/11 when I found this 1-month-old kitten on a sidewalk grass patch, crying soaking wet under the rain.

In this particular context, I tastelessly thought of calling him Osama, but then settled for a more traditional ‘Chulingo’, a Mexican nickname.

Later I found him a ‘brother’ in the same manner.

Before I left the country for good in 2004, Chulingo’s bro was killed by a car, almost right before my eyes. I didn’t want the same to happen to Chulingo (as it often happens in Nicaragua, which has little consideration for animals), so I got him on the plane with me. He was, after all, the first cat I had found and cared for by myself, even though I’ve always had cats around since childhood.

The 14-hour-long trip in the plane’s baggage hold must have been quite an ordeal; I did give him a sedative but it would last only a few hours. We traveled from Managua, then Panama, then Caracas, then Milan, to Brussels, final destination. I was fearing he might soil his cage, but this good fella held on until we got him out and he immediately knew how to use the litterbox.

Chulingo now lives happily at my mom’s house in the Belgian countryside, and got quite fat. This is him in action:


  1. Inti rocks!

    I’d have been tempted to name the cat “Sandinista” or “Ortega”…. ๐Ÿ˜›


    BTW, those of you who wonder about how Facebook finds possible friends should consider this parable:

    Inti used to be a poster on my now-defunct forum. That was the only way that we ever communicated, as I recall. The forum died quite quite a while ago. About 2 months back, Facebook suggested that I add Inti as a friend.

    It seems unlikely that FB could have linked us via the old forum, as I’ve had zero friend suggestions from anything I posted there. A google search for “inti idleworm” yields nada.

    Which begs the question: how in Hell did they find any connection?


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