1. Love her, hate Kirk Cameron.

    For the sake of argument, let’s say there is a God. I reject Kirk’s version of christianity and god based on this fact. It is his way or hell. There is no middle ground. He is right, all others are wrong and are going to hell. His god his mean, vindictive and evil.

    Based on their teachings even Kirk is probably not going to be worthy enough of getting into heaven. Logically, if I know that even a supposed pious Kirk isn’t getting into heaven. Then what kind of chance do you or I have. Since I am going to hell anyway, I should embrace the devil and live my life how I want to.

    Of course, this is all contingent on their being a god. A magical creator of the universe who commands us to worship him upon the threat of everlasting torture.

  2. She is Romanian and brilliant. Check out her youtube channel she has a lot more great video. This one although great isnt even the best one. Enjoy and god bless you ZOMGitsCriss.

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