1. “Just leave your computer on and running and let folks mess around with it!”

    Oh yeah, I’d follow that advice any day.

    I’d rather gouge out my liver with a blunt spoon than host a party this gawdawful.

  2. You know, I’d really be interested how many people in this world will actually do a “Microsoft Windows 7 (R) Launch Party”? I am completely unable to imagine just how awkward it would be.

  3. I got some serious douche chills during that. I like watching awkward, corporate videos from 20 years, because I can distance myself from it, but this is, temporally, just too close too home.

  4. Microsoft are trying really hard to create hype about their new OS — not surprisingly, they just want to beat Apple back into the ground, in usual Microsoft fashion (can’t say they like competition). This is what 20 years of our cash is turning into.

    Though, they do have lots of “fanboys” around the internet, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they actually throw parties as advertised. Of course, they’d be the saddest, most terrible parties in the world, also as advertised.

    I ask you, who in their right mind supports a company that has done nothing for the consumer? All they want is our money and they give very little back. The other day I went to buy a laptop and there is _nobody_ selling laptops without Vista preinstalled (in the UK, at least).

    Anyway, Windows parties are just pathetic.

  5. cos – I’d take a company that spent more money on developing a decent OS (that doesn’t need to be tied to their own overpriced hardware and horrific peripherals) over one that spunks an inordinate amount on marketing.

    I used to love Apple products, but having used both Microsoft and Apple for a multitude of things and for years, having my hands tied by a company that focuses more on gimmickry and growing their corporate identity isn’t something I can deal with.

  6. I just love how they’ve disabled the comments for this video on youtube – it’s as if whoever uploaded somehow guessed that people might just mock it. Ahem.

  7. I imagine the Windows party constantly straying into mundane conversation topics and the host desperately trying to bring it back on the trails.

    “So how’s it going with that hot chick you met at the pub?”

  8. Do you suppose anyone will actually do this? I am assuming that this is a serious suggestion. After all, these people seem so sincere, and, the setting is very realistic.

    When did I say I think Apple is a good company? My point — if I want to go buy a laptop and don’t want to buy an OS with it, I should be free to do so. Microsoft took that choice away from me and I’m not happy about it.

  10. Where’s the how-to video for the Vista funeral I’ve been wanting to throw?

    Not to mention the holiday I created, Eastersoft: to celebrate the rebirth of XP when Microsoft decided not to stop selling it because everyone realized how bad Vista sucks.

  11. Dido says:
    September 23rd, 2009 at 10:08 pm

    I love how they just throw in a black guy who completely doesn’t belong there. Fantastic.

    I thought that too. I just was shy to say it!

  12. I actually signed up to do this, I have a group of about 20 guys that will get together, drink, and look at the computer thingy while it’s doing it’s thing. mind you, we’ll likely be blitzed, so I can’t really say if we’ll remember too much, lol.

    I’m going to post it to my own site http://www.internet-d.com after the fact. I’m not 100% that I’m even going to get the party kit though, they made it seem like there was a lottery of some sort that will go on.

    I dunno.

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