1. This would be a cool costume for the right type of play or theater production…. but I do believe this is done out of enjoyment and a sexual fetish. Which is why it then disturbs me…

    Have your fetish….. fine…

    But don’t post it to the world.


  2. What’s the issue?

    This is just the test footage for Robert Mapplethorpe and David Lynchs’ little known collaboration to produce ‘Equus’.

    …Oh, how I wish that was true….*shudder*

  3. I’ve officially just watched every one of this person’s videos…and not sure how I feel about it…

    he’s thorough though…has a lion, cheetah, and other of the wild cats, different breeds of dogs, others species likely related to the horse

  4. Black Stallion walks into a bar.
    Bartender says, “Hey, buddy. Why the long face?”

    Thank you, thank you!
    I’ll be here all week!

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