Man Shoots Himself in the Head While Teaching Firearms Safety


KSDK — An Imperial man is dead after accidentally shooting himself in the head while teaching his girlfriend firearms safety.

Sheriff Glenn Boyer said that on Friday, deputies responded to 4307 Rock Valley Court in Imperial for a shooting. Investigators found 40-year-old James Looney with a gunshot wound to the head.

According to witnesses, Looney was demonstrating how to use the different safety mechanisms on several guns to his girlfriend. The witnesses said Looney would put the guns to his head, and before pulling the trigger, would ask her if she thought the gun would go off. With the first two guns, the safety mechanisms worked. The third gun fired.

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  1. This happened in my back yard when I was a kid – well basically anyway. Seventeen year old kid was showing off with his hunting rifle while hunting on our property, maybe a quarter mile from my house. Blew his own brains out. It was really tragic, in part because there was always suspicion that it was an on-purpose suicide and his friends were protecting his parents by saying it was an accident.
    Sorry to bring everyone down.

  2. Angry Sam has it right – saying he was ‘teaching gun safety’ is totally misleading, since he broke the very first rule right off the bat.

    Mind you, enough accredited gun safety experts shoot themselves while genuinely teaching firearm safety that it still fits a pattern:)

  3. I always heard the rule as “Never point a gun at anything you’re not ready to KILL.” Hence, it generally refers to pointing any gun at any living thing…inanimate objects are more forgiving of dumbassery or carelessness.

  4. Booger: I’ve heard it as “Destroy” not Kill.

    Scott Chegg: You point it down at the ground away from anyone and you keep your finger WAY off the trigger until you’re absolutely ready to fire.

  5. The outskirts of St. Louis really start to get rednecky so it’s no surprise that this happened. I mean come on folks, what’s gonna impress your lady more than a 12 pack of natty lite and some handguns??

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