Oktoberfest 2009

From The Big Picture:

The 176th Oktoberfest started on Saturday the 19th, kicked off by Munich Mayor Christian Ude, tapping the first keg with a cry of “O’zapft is!”. With predictions of over 6 million visitors heading to Munich, the festival runs until October 4th. This year, a traditional liter of beer will cost visitors about 8 euros (11.75 dollars).


  1. Wehey Oktoberfest! The finest beer was tasted, the finest “Bierfrau’s” brought the beer 🙂 And the food! Ahh. Carried over the shoulder on what looked to be a door! Was great (the bits I remember anyway), singing the beer songs with the band, guitar jamming songs by the campfire, cold nights and many a funny incident occurred.

    Have to go back some year.

  2. outeast says: “Eight bloody Euros! Sheesh!

    Think I’ll pass, thanks…”

    8 Euro is not that much for *a Liter* of quality beer (HoffBrau), especially coming from Ireland where a pint is now 5 euro, 6 – 7 euro in some crappy tourist traps. And the women who carry these beer’s to the table, sometimes 5 in each hand, I could barely lift 5 *empty* glasses over my head. And all the time you’re in a festival atmosphere dedicated to beer. I’d heartily recommend visiting at least once, or even one of the smaller fests in neighboring cities. I was told by some Germans that, Stuttgart had a great festival too, some said even better than Munich (less touristy). Cheap enough accommodation at a campsite too..
    Damn you Chris, have a good one!

  3. Stephen, it’s a lot coming from the Czech Republic where a well-poured litre (well, a couple of half-litres) of damn good beer in a brewery flagship pub will clock in at no more than 2.50-3 Euros… 🙂

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