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Wrap rage:

Wrap rage, also called package rage, is the common name for heightened levels of anger and frustration resulting from the inability to open hard-to-remove packaging, particularly plastic blister packs and clamshells. Consumers suffer thousands of injuries per year, such as cut fingers and sprained wrists, from tools used to open packages and from the packaging itself. Some companies are now coming up with solutions to improve frustrating and potentially dangerous packaging.

For example:

(via Best of Wikipedia)


  1. I have always wondered why the package has to be 1000 times stronger than the contents, thus, necessitating the complete destruction of said contents while opening said package. Oh, well, at least the contents are safe until it is time to take them out to use them.
    Ever seen liver sausage after extracting it from its package? Who would ever eat that? It looks like something scraped off of the road after running into a armadillo.
    Mmmm, armadillo!

  2. oh man, that’s one of the worst television shows to ever be picked up for a second season. almost as bad as Seinfeld, lol.

    I think we can all agree that show should never have seen the light of day!

  3. Just a couple of days ago I bought a pair of heavy-duty scissors that were packaged like that. My thoughts while trying to free them from the armor quality plastic went something like “Gee, if I only had a pair of heavy-duty scissors, this would be a snap!”.

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