1. Nice… non-consenting sadomasochism under the guise of Christian faith healing.
    The audience appears to enjoy hearing his stories. I wonder if they enjoy WWE, UFC and WCW or only find pile drivers, roundhouse kicks to the face and the People’s Elbow acceptable when being delivered by a “man of “god”.

  2. POE!!!
    There can be nothing real about that. No one could be so stupid as to believe that was real. Look at the audience, they are laughing like they were watching Larry the Cable Guy. Maybe they were.

  3. Some people really like to lie. Lying to a bunch of credulous people that might just believe your incredible made up stories for a few minutes must be pretty chubby inducing to a guy like this.

  4. Poe’s law indeed.

    I have no trouble believing this is real. We know that religious zealots would kill for their invisible friend. So I have no trouble believing the validity of this clip.

    This appears to be a parody because our minds tell us (rightfully so) that it should be. The scary thing about Poe’s law is that it probably isn’t parody at all.

    It’s getting harder and harder for a rational thinker to have any faith in humanity.

  5. I liked George Carlin, but I don’t really get this kind of religious comedy. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

    No, but seriously, if he actually done all those things he should be in an mental institution or something…

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