1. This is so fucking scary.

    All I’m thinking while watching clips like this is: How can you counter that?

    Isn’t there an antidote to Glenn Beck? I’m not talking about left or right… I mean a way of bringing back rational and honest journalism to the mainstream. Maybe if we call it “patriot journalism”. It seems so easy to get into these people’s heads, all you have to do is trigger the right impulses. Is it wrong to brainwash the brainwashed?

    Kinda like this idea to re-name the health care bill to “American LIFE act”: http://www.ironicsans.com/2009/08/idea_rename_the_health_bill.html

  2. I like the idea of renaming it “patriot journalism”… although, I’m still a little hesitant about using the word journalism in there. Maybe “patriot commentators”? Hmm, not biting enough. I like this idea, lumpi… I may start using it.

    I think Hunter Thompson had a name for Beck’s type of hysterical “journalism”, but I can’t remember exactly. I remember him writing about it in the “Fear And Loathing on The Campaign Trail ’73” essays – about how Nixon’s campaign would leak false info etc. and whip the crazy reporters up.

  3. Gleen Beck??? There are people out there that actually look up to that man? Well, I guess one man CAN make a difference, even if for the worst.

    May we nominate Keith Olbermann as our Anti-Gleen Beck?

  4. @carolyn:

    That was my favorite part as well. How do I know that?!?!? “you know that how?” BY READING and being proactive about getting information. Not being lazy and letting Glenn Beck shovel garbage down my throat.

  5. “I am not supporting Joe Wilson for President.” (Just ignore the sign at the top of this 10-foot pole.)

    I chuckled at the irony of everyone shouting “USA” and other patriotic slogans while basically protesting Democracy.

    The Czar section was definitely the best part. It’s also refreshing to see someone that knows politics well doing the interviews.

  6. Communism, Fascism, Socialism, all interchangeable? How uneducated are those people? That’s what years of American propaganda do to you. As a communist I am highly offended, but also disappointed at the ignorance exhibited here.
    And for the last time right-wing lunatics, Obama is no socialist. He’s not even close. Believe you me, I would be overjoyed if he were, but he is not, and he has done nothing to warrant that name.

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