How is The World Doing?

Not doing too well:

England is deserted, Australia and New Zealand have merged, and the man who bought Ireland has killed himself.

They were designed to make Dubai the envy of the world: a series of paradise islands inhabited by celebrities and the super-rich reclaimed from the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf and shaped like a map of the Earth. It was called The World.

As millions of tonnes of rock were dumped into the sea for the foundations, timely leaks suggested that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were to buy Ethiopia, Sir Richard Branson was tipped to occupy England, while Rod Stewart would border him in Scotland.

Instead it has become the world’s most expensive shipping hazard, guarded by private security in fast boats and ringed by warning buoys to keep the curious away. A development that was meant to send Dubai’s star into the firmament of First World cities has been left to the mercy of the waves and the baking winds.

(via J-Walk)


  1. I’m torn between “I told you so” schadenfreude and fear this pathetic attempt at creating a Middle East economy not based on oil might have been a last straw before turning the region into even more chaos.

  2. I feel really bad for Dubai. Just because they made it illegal to hold hands and will arrest you for smuggling drugs in your bloodstream doesn’t mean we should laugh at their misfortunes. Oh, hell, why not? HA HA HA!!!!

  3. I kept thinking ‘That’s as maybe, but its still a desert’ as I saw all this being built.

    Perhaps I’m not the only one with this thought after all.

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