1. Forgive me for my crass language but what the fuck did I just hear? Not knowing the context and hearing people chant “no public option” I’d naturally assume they were upset about not being given a choice about something. Why is it that people that don’t want choices to be available are always so loud, rude and quick to gather? In what way do for-profit-insurance companies better serve their interests? It’s all quite puzzling.

  2. To expand on what King Taco was saying:
    These protesters are being consistent in their delusions beliefs. If they are going to be anti-choice on one argument they have to be anti-choice on every argument.

  3. Would have looked the same with the tables turned. Is this surprising to anyone? A group of like-minded citizens congregates for a rally or protest, and you’re all aghast when someone whose ideas run counter to that group walks through to boos and directed epithets? Really?

    That’s like a gift to those who want some focal point to unload on. If I were that guy’s friend, I’d have counseled him against it. What if he’d been hurt? Sure, some of his “opponents” would look bad, but he’d still be hurt.

  4. “probably would have eaten him alive” indeed. At the 1:24 mark, one protestor actually swatted the man, despite the police escort.

  5. While I have to side with the one lone police escorted dude in this flick, I can’t say as I support him in how he did it.

    Its kind of like watching the fisherman chumming the water and then suddenly getting an urge to go skinny dipping with open wounds.

    Like what he did, but don’t see that it did anything except make him internet famous for 10 or 15 minutes.

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