Would Proposed Amendment Make Birth Control Illegal in Florida?

From Tampa Bay Online:

TALLAHASSEE – Anti-abortion conservatives are proposing a new constitutional amendment that critics claim would make it a crime to take birth control pills in Florida.

The “Personhood Amendment” that conservative activists are filing today in Tallahassee would add language to the state constitution that defines someone as a “person,” regardless of age or health status, “from the beginning of the biological development of that human being.”

Pat McEwen of Palm Bay is one of two leaders of the loose collection of activists, collectively known as Personhood Florida.

“In the original Florida Constitution in 1885, they gave Floridians the right to enjoy and defend life,” she said. “This amendment defends the unborn, and it also gives older people like me – a retired college professor – the right to make my own decisions and not have someone override it.”

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  1. Wait, what? I must be reading this wrong. An anti-choice advocate is complaining they aren’t being given a choice? How dare they not be given the right to choose what women of child-bearing age do with their bodies.

    I’ve never completely understood the anti-choice movement. Nobody is advocating abortions. It’s an absolute last resort and sometimes a medical necessity.

    It’s about as ridiculous as wanting to put an end to any and all medical treatment. Clearly god wants you in heaven if you’re dying, it’s an abomination to keep him waiting. Hell, why not venerate serial killers in lieu of locking them up, they’re just helping people get to god quicker. In the event god really had that big of a problem why doesn’t he step off his cloud and let it be known, he certainly seemed to like doing such things 2000 years ago. If his lazy ass can’t be bothered to intervene I think it’s fair to say he doesn’t really care.

  2. A similar article appeared in yesterday’s Orlando Sentinel. As a woman(and a Florida resident), I couldn’t help but be freaked out that there are people that want to control reproduction rights so badly that they are willing to take extreme measures.
    The “Personhood Amendment” would make the pill and Plan B a crime. Of course that means any abortion would be outlawed , including life saving ones. At the risk of sounding like I need some teflon with my slippery slope argument, how soon will it be before they want to add condoms and penalizing a woman for having a miscarriage (especially if she is unaware that she’s preggers and continues to do something that might harm the developing fetus)into the mix? I must add that the argument that the pill causes harmful side effects is ridiculous and misleading. MOST pharmaceuticals have a warning of side effects that are similar to the pill. These side effects are experienced by a small percentage and are usually made worse by doing harmful activities like smoking, not eating right, being overweight, etc…
    I bet the same group sponsering the amendment advocates abstinence only sex ed.
    I’m assuming and hope that this attempt will flounder. Why can’t these people aid children that are already born?

  3. Figures. My state always seems to attract the crazies. The reality is that if something like this were to pass as it stands the court system would have an endless nightmare on its hands for an assortment of medical reasons.

    It turns out there’s some wacky christian cabal out there who honest to dog thinks the world is going to be overrun by ‘muslins’ because they’re the ones over breeding right now and ‘muricans are not. They are hoping all of us young folk (who, of course, they assume all sub-35ers in america are christian) start cranking little ones out in a vagi-clown-car stage show fashion. I believe this is what this is really about.

  4. UGH! When will people realize PLAN B is not an abortion pill?
    I have a friend who works in a doctor’s office who was completely unaware of this.

    I’m with Jocelyn. I’ve never understood why these people will devote time, money and passion into protecting embryos, but generally don’t want their tax dollars going to improve the lives of these children once they’re born. Welcome to the world kid, now you’re on your own.

    BTW, got a link to that sentinel article?

  5. So, can someone explain to me how a “retired college professor”, who is possibly done with his reproductive life, is feeling like HIS choices are being taken away regarding birth control?

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