Wikipedia Entry for the Night

Glass delusion:

The glass delusion was an external manifestation of a psychiatric disorder recorded in Europe in the late middle ages (15th to 17th centuries). People feared that they were made of glass “and therefore likely to shatter into pieces”. One famous early sufferer was King Charles VI of France who refused to allow people to touch him, and wore reinforced clothing to protect himself from accidental “shattering”.

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  1. ‘A 1561 account reported a sufferer “who had to relieve himself standing up, fearing that if he sat down his buttocks would shatter… The man concerned was a glass-maker from the Parisian suburb of Saint Germain, who constantly applied a small cushion to his buttocks, even when standing. He was cured of this obsession by a severe thrashing from the doctor, who told him that his pain emanated from buttocks of flesh.”‘

    Now that got a good laugh out of me!

    It’s very strange that this has disappeared in modern times, though. Could it be because we have better education now and we all know this isn’t technically possible? If we searched in very undeveloped countries would we discover cases of this sort of belief?

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