Father shows off device he dug up in back garden… unaware it’s an unexploded anti-tank grenade:

A father-of-two posed for photographs unaware he was holding a live Second World War anti-tank grenade after digging it up in his back garden.

Paul Davies, 32, found the undetonated bomb and thought it was part of an old lawn mower or machine.

He took it into his house, where his friend used a camera phone to take a picture of him joking and holding the eight-inch device.

(via The Daily What)


  1. Note the following verb ‘threw’. Either journalistic licence meant that ‘placed carefully’ has been replaced by threw, or this man was one step away from a Darwin award.

    But later in the morning he had a ‘bad feeling’ and after checking the internet, he realised the rusty lump of metal was an anti-tank grenade.

    He threw it into his back garden and called police, who evacuated 12 nearby homes and summoned bomb disposal experts.

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