1. Brave man, you couldn’t pay me enough to step into that pack of nutters. As hard as it is to pick my single favorite bit I’d have to say it was the guy who accused all the middle east of molesting boys, chopping off heads and killing educated women. Last I checked there recent trend is for christian religious officials to be the ones in little boys’ trousers. While we may not be chopping off heads here in the USA we certainly can’t claim to be on some moral high ground when we’ve got a fairly bad record of imprisoning and executing men based on little to no evidence (not to say it happens all the time but cases like the Texan put to death for arson and murder in 2004 do still occur). Can’t say I’m quite familiar with the execution of educated women, we may be a bit more advanced when it comes to women’s rights though I’ve no doubt we’ve still got a long road ahead.

  2. I wonder if these “no czars!” people realize that the COMMUNISTS toppled the Russian empire.

    Nah, of course not – they’re uninformed, completely ignorant morons.

  3. The saddest thing to me is that, I’ve seen so many clips of these wackjobs from so many rallies all across the U.S. that I don’t even find it shocking anymore. It seems they are becoming less of a lunatic fringe of the Right and more of the Right’s status quo.

    If the left behaved this irrationally, I’d try to tell as many people as I could, “this DOES NOT represent the majority of us.” Funny how the Right isn’t disowning any of this.

  4. Civil war is coming. All of the “us vs. them” rhetoric which has dominated the right-wing for 20 years is reaching its crescendo, and it’s only a matter of time before violence on a national scale comes to America. Hopefully we will be able to come together afterward and find some common ground, but I believe alot of blood is going to be spilled before it’s over. I’m armed and ready. Are you? Or will you still be hoping for reasoned discussion when the thugs come to your street?

  5. Roadgames-

    I hope you’re wrong. I think some level of bloodshed may occur, but not on a civil war level. The Army may have to go in and arrest the Michigan Militia or something, or take back South Carolina, but I don’t think it’s going to tear our country apart to the level you are preparing for.

    Plus, I man, look at these people! They’re not exactly Navy Seals, are they?

  6. I think I’m a fairly smart person, but there are moments when I realize I’ve said or done something incredibly dumb. Does that ever happen with these people? Is there ever a moment of brutal self-realization where they finally say “Holy shit, what a moron I’ve been. None of the stuff i believe in has an ounce of rational thought behind it”

  7. The Hitler/Nazi Germany comparisons were laughable at first, now they’re just sad and a little scary. I really can’t figure out what these people are actually afraid of or how giving health care to those who can’t afford it is in anyway part of some slippery slope to concentration camps for ‘real americans’.

  8. Proof that it’s so much easier to manipulate “the masses” by stirring up emotions with fallacies rather than appealing to their intellect by using facts.

    These people who reject the public option because it’ll lead to “rationing” or “death panels” are not grasping that US healthcare is already rationed by ones ability to pay. The “death panels” are made up of insurance company claims deniers.

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