1. You know, this is all horrible and laughable…

    But I wonder all the time: Where was the left protesting against Bush? I’ve seen a lot of political caricatures on the internet, but not anything close to those teabaggers or what they are called now. I do not remember a single US protest against the Iraq war, for example (everywhere in the world, millions marched in the streets… in the US there were maybe 2 timid protests in NY and that was it).

    Cynical conclusion? Protest in America only works if it’s organized by mega-corporations.

  2. The number of signs praising Fox News is gross.

    At least they took all that money they could have spent on book learnin’ and used it to buy funny hats.

  3. @;lumpi There were huge protests all over the United States during the runup to the Iraq war. I know–I marched in at least a dozen, including the 100,000 in Washington the weekend before the war began and the march in Chicago that took over Lake Shore Drive the day the war started. I also spent a night in jail along with 550 other people who were rounded up in the largest single mass arrest in the city’s history as an effort by the mayor to put a lid on the protests. If you didn’t see the protests, you just weren’t paying attention.

  4. I’ve seen pictures of counter protestors at too, so some must have been around. I don’t think they presented such fantastic photo ops though.

  5. I’m sorry that was disrespectful towards the people who actually did protest against the Iraq war, for example. But look at this. The spectacle. I’ve never seen anything like this, this durable, outside some government-overthrow protests in third world countries. Maybe it’s the new, faster media making this all look bigger than it really is, but man…

    It’s such an insult to people who actually protest for their rights and freedoms. These people protest for the right of major firms to rip them off. As if their life (literally!) dependent on it. I can’t wrap my mind around this. So sad. Thinking of all the true issues that could be protested…

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