1. Norman Borlaug did quite well. He saved billions from starvation, plus, he lived to 95. Not too bad. Not many people accomplish so much.

    What is too bad is that nobody knows who he was. I know no one who has even heard of Norman Borlaug. That’s truly sad.

    Is there anyone following him? Will his legacy die with him?

  2. @cos: Good point.

    Who wants to be Michael Jackson?

    Yet, admittedly, the typical “American Idol” doesn’t seem to be in entertainment, not helping people…

  3. I’ve been following Mr. Bourlog for about 5 or so years, he is indeed an American hero. A couple of years ago Penn & Teller’s “Bullshit” did a segment on him.

  4. @ AmandaNZ

    just what I was thinking. I comfort myself with the thought that it doesn’t really matter where I got the info – hey, at least we know who he was.

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