1. google “julia child oss exploding rolling pins”
    for some laughs. I heard she worked on an exploding cake but I can’t find evidence of that.

  2. I have the DVD which contains this episode. I love Julia, her enthusiasm is contagious and her voice is glorious. She lives on for me because of my DVD.

  3. Robble36: Julia Child was very famous for her delivery and voice. She may be much parodied, but her no-nonsense approach to cooking and higher cuisine could teach a new generation a thing or two about getting into the kitchen. The big chefs of today’s TV may show us fantastic cuisine, and how to dream a little higher, but I remember Julia Child and the likes of Delia Smith (and Hudson and Halls here in NZ) actually teaching the very basics, which you just don’t see on TV anymore, for the sake of food porn. I actually find it rather sad that Jamie Oliver has had to fight really hard to bring the level of basic cookery back up to scratch.

    Coinkidinkly, I made an omlette for dinner last night, complete with the parsley and cheese. It didn’t look as good as that. Changing my technique from now on.

  4. Have you seen this clip of her with old-school Letterman? She is absolutely charming and keeps pace with him without breaking a sweat.

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