1. with the amount of time you spend on the web, how do you avoid this?

    in related news, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Lady Gaga, but I’ve seen TONS of pics of her recently.

  2. I guess I’m ignorant, too. Is this the John from “John and Kate”? If so, who is Kate? His costar? I’m pretty sure I don’t care, though.

  3. I’m with Piri. Who is Lady Gaga” I didn’t even know she’s a singer. I just know she has a dunce-cap looking hair-do.

    Oh, and for the record, IMO John Gosselin is finally a free man. If the show is accurate, his wife nagged and harped him away.

  4. Unfortunately, I am aware of who Jon and Kate are. I agree with Mike K.. She did come across as not only shrewish, but down right mean and disrespectful towards Jon. He’s a free man!
    As far as Lady Gaga goes, S/He sings that dreadful song, “Poker Face”.

  5. I, too, have an unfortunate knowledge of who Jon Gosselin is. And what I know is, he is the epitome of douchiness, with absolutely the worst taste in women in the history of western civilization.

  6. LOL @ gruggach. Unfortunately, I’m around teenagers all day and hear all about Lady Gaga, Jon and Kate, Twilight, Gossip Girl …(shall I continue?). Be ignorant while you can! In other news, the Atlantic Codex is now available for viewing…doubt my kids will be interested.

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