1. i have a friend who won’t eat pork because she says pigs are intelligent animals, and i always reply that i would eat a dolphin if someone offered it to me.

    for some reason this is a recurring conversation.

  2. In so many ways refusing to eat an animal based on intelligence seems about as bad as people who go out of their way to eat endangered or rare animals. Who are they to claim a cow is in any way inferior to a pig (except in their opinion of it’s taste)? The only thing keeping me from eating dolphin is that they’re endangered.

    On a somewhat related note, I would totally try human, but it’s nothing I would seek out. Something tells me we’re delicious.

  3. not sure what this fabulous photo has to do with eating…. but i’m willing to bet that cynikitty was purring during this shot – yes?

    ps – of all the friday cat blogs i think this has to be my fave!

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