Kelly sent in her lunch for today:

Spent the long weekend in New Orleans and had two of my favorite things for lunch a couple of days we were there.

Oysters on the half-shell with beer from Felix’s Oyster Bar ( – Felix’s is a family favorite. The couple beside us at the bar that day found a pearl in one of their oysters.

From the French Maket Cafe the next day I had boiled shrimp (crawfish were out of season and I just needed to taste that flavor!) They wisely have a vat of boiling water with crab boil in it sitting in front of an open screen right on the street and I’m sure it lures countless numbers of people in looking for the same thing I was that day. My mouth was on fire after finishing this plate.. DELICIOUS.

In Boulder, Co one of our favorite lunch stops is Tibet Kitchen ( where I always feast on Momos. These are beef, and delicious.


  1. I second the Tibet kitchen! What Boulder lacks in any other restaurantal diversity, we make up for with delicious Tibetan food. Mmm..lunch dilemma solved.

  2. Mmm…my husband and I are trying to figure out what to do for our one year anniversary next month and one of the ideas that we are tossing around is New Orleans, specifically for the oysters.

  3. Was going to go to 8 Island for lunch in Boulder today and saw the Tibet Kitchen picture. Went there instead for first time and glad I did. Will try the Momos next time since they take more time then I had to make.

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