The President’s Speech

I missed it. Well, not so much missed it but had some other important plans. Well, by important plans I mean I started watching Doctor Who Season 3. About 2 episodes in at the moment. I like Martha’s sass but I’m missing Rose…

How was the speech?


Well I missed Rep. Joe Wilson (R) of South Carolina heckling the President:


  1. Martha’s my favorite companion so far in the new series, but she doesn’t exactly have much competition. Generally I’m not fond of Rose, and the first season was so cheaply produced it felt like it should’ve been on the WB or I guess the CW is what it’s called now. There are times where you need green screen, but going up to a rooftop to have a talk isn’t one of those times. The doctor wasn’t too bad, but I greatly prefer Tennant. Season 3 has been the highlight of the new series for me, and that’s mostly because of one episode. Blink.

  2. Oh, and on the topic of the speech, remember the numerous times democratic congressmen/women heckled Bush accusing him of blatantly lying in the middle of his speeches? Yeah, I’m drawing a blank too. You stay classy republican party, way to respect the highest office in our country.

  3. Well roadgames, that’s actually a very valid question. With a democractic president and a democractic majority in congress it probably wouldn’t be all that hard to pass a whole bunch of legislation through while they’ve got such a wide opening. Thing is, what if it leads to a pattern of either party just doing whatever they wanted to the country while they’ve got the power to do it. It’s hard to do a lot of long-lasting good with just a few bills, but as we’ve seen it’s very easy to do a lot of damage.

    It’s like tossing those little velcro balls at a target with a limited amount of velcro on it. You can toss a bucket of balls at it and maybe 2 or 3 will stick and then you’ve got to pick up all the rest. But if you take time, aim properly and toss carefully you’ll likely have quite a few more balls stuck to the target with a lot less clean-up.

    Granted, there’s no telling if our president is actually planning like that or if he’s just too apathetic to put much effort into playing darts with velcro balls. Without a legacy to leech off and relatives to hand out positions to him I’m not banking on him being the apathetic type.

  4. Here’s the thing, Taco. The GOP did whatever it wanted to this country when it had the chance. It is time the liberals fix it. And if they are successful, and if what they want helps the nation, as the case will probably be, the people will support it. But with idiotic coverage, idiotic behavior, and astonishing, unpunished lying, it will be a while before we get there.

  5. Chris, you’re going to LOVE Human Nature/Family of Blood. Those two episodes are incredible. Blink is also fantastic. Written by the new showrunner.

    The speech, not bad. He’s trying. He’s certainly trying, but the opposing forces are too far entrenched. We shall see what we shall see.

  6. The GOP is scared to death of this bill passing because if the Democrats are able to get it through it would secure their party as majority for a generation.

  7. I did like Donna quite a bit, but the finale of that series annoyed me so much I can’t help but associate it with her. Rose I just didnt care for all that much from the start, not that events surrounding her departure were any less unimaginative.

  8. Some of us have gone off-topic

    Seriously! Can we stick to Dr. Who and stop going on and on about healthcare.

    You didn’t like Rose? Or the first season? BANNED! BANNED! BANNED!

  9. It’s not that I didn’t like it. It was still better than average television, but it didn’t do much for me. Had I not been introduced to the new Dr. Who by the 4th series and started from the 1st I may not have gotten past it.

  10. Nice work, Joe Wilson, you’re a class act. By the way, anyone remember when the dems booed and heckled the last guy at the State of the Union back in ’95? I’m sure our founding fathers would be proud.

  11. How do Dems do so little with so much?

    They’re trying to be bi-partisan. As Taco outlined:

    With a democratic president and a democratic majority in congress it probably wouldn’t be all that hard to pass a whole bunch of legislation through while they’ve got such a wide opening.

    It’s just too bad so many in the right will defy reason and disagree with anything left suggests just to be obstructive.

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