Did Glenn Beck Rape and Murder a Young Girl in 1990?

About a week or so ago, a website called glennbeckrapedandmurderedayounggirlin1990.com started making the rounds. Now nobody on that site is saying that Glenn Beck raped and murdered anyone in 1990, but they just want proof that he didn’t.

A few people emailed it to me and I didn’t bother to post it. It’s obviously parody using Beck’s slimey techniques against him but I didn’t really think it was worth posting…. Until Glenn Beck decided to sue them for trademark infringement:

Surprising absolutely no one, yesterday Glenn Beck sued the parody/satire website Glenn Beck Raped and Murdered a Young Girl in 1990.

The surprising thing is that Beck isn’t suing the website for defamation of character; he’s suing it for violating his trademark. This is probably so that the lawsuit can remain business-y and not involve Beck’s personal life (or the satire laws that protect entertainment sites), but it seems like a risky way to go.

Ahem, Glenn, you may want to read about the Streisand Effect:

The Streisand effect is an Internet phenomenon where an attempt to censor or remove a piece of information backfires, causing the information to be widely publicized. Examples of such attempts include censoring a photograph, a number, a file, or a website (for example via a cease-and-desist letter). Instead of being suppressed, the information receives extensive publicity, often being widely mirrored across the Internet, or distributed on file-sharing networks.


From the webmaster of glennbeckrapedandmurderedayounggirlin1990.com:

To be technical, he’s not suing me in court – at least, not yet. He has contacted my web host, their datacenter, and my registrar. The latter shut me down, but I was able to get the domain running again.

He’s filed a domain dispute against the original domain (which you list, although I registered gb1990.com and the one I’ve posted in the website box here since then) with the aforementioned trademark dispute… Oy.