• C.O.

    Lol, she has a cat on her head!

  • Terry

    Who uses mouthwash before brushing their teeth? Isn’t that kind of pointless?

  • Maybe I’m not enough of a cat person but why the hell would you just let the cat sit on your head? At one point it’s foot comes eerily close to her eye, I’d pay good money to hear her explain how she lost an eye every single time she had to tell the story.

  • Thomas

    She only brushes her teeth for 1 minute. My dentist would yell at me for this.

  • Erin

    You guys are not getting it-it has nothing to do with the mouthwash or the toothbrushing-the point is that the cat sits on her head and she wants to prove it! and kingtaco, you are definitely not enough of a cat person-she doesn’t care if his foot gets close to her eye (and probably she is not stupid enough to let it hurt her).
    it’s a great video!!


    This woman doesn’t know how to use mouthwash.

  • Loosgoose

    Hysterical and totally believable, and everyone who is a cat person would understand that your cat will not rip out your eye, and Terry-proper dental hygiene states to always use mouthwash before brushing, it loosens the crap so you can brush it away.