1. Just noticed this little cutesy ‘ad by Google’ in the top right of the main page:

    Liberty University
    Get Info on Degree Programs at Liberty University in Virginia

    Now with all of Google’s analytics, you’d think
    that their targeting engine might be a tad outta tune.

  2. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but as likable as Ricky Gervais is, I don’t find him all that funny…

    The subject matter reminds me of Eddie Izzard, but unlike Eddie Izzard, there’s no real punchline delivery, no character to his impressions, no comedic timing. I just kind of drones on. He’s ostensibly play acting Nietzsche and Hitler, but he delivers it like he’s reading it for the first time off a page.

    Maybe I missed the point. Someone tell me what I’m missing?

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