1. It has been noted in the comment section over at Dispatches From The Culture Wars that one of the statues Glenn Beck is worked up about (at the 3 min mark) is most likely a reference to Isaiah 2:4:
    “…and they shall beat their swords into plowshares…”
    I guess Glenn thinks that anything produced in the USSR is automatically Red and is symbolism for the hammer and sickle.
    Why does it not suprise me that someone who claims to be an upstanding Christian cannot recognize something that could be a piece of Christian art?

  2. What is it, Glenn? What about the 20th century progressive Americans?! What about them?!

    They.. wanted to establish a prosperous international community?

    The bastards.. The bastards!

  3. It always amuses me to see that Christians tend to be such Right Wing nutcases considering that Jesus was one of the biggest socialists of all time!

    (If he existed, that is)

  4. I don’t think Olbermann should have dignified Beck with a response.

    I wish Olbermann would stick to hard hitting stuff like his Prop 8 special comment because ridiculous pieces like this don’t do much for his journalistic credibility. They make him seem like just another cable news lunatic… like… Glenn Beck!! Oh my god, another connection!!!

  5. why is this on a “news channel”? even if i did watch fox, which i don’t, what happened to telling me what is actually going on in the country and world, instead of his new york city sight seeing.

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