1. This guy reminds me of Michaelmooreism…
    Yeah it’s the same as jism…or…actually they’re quite different.

    Seriously,i don’t like those kind of vids.
    It’s starts with a big All-Credits-To-Me-Scene like “My name is Joey Lyle”…and after that he’s going to hunt people down in a very sneaky way.

    He asks something,waits for a more or less stupid answer,pretends to take it seriously,and when he’s back home at his shelter he throws a second audio line on the vid in a voice telling the viewer…”omg did u hear that guy talking shit”.

    If a fat bastard with a mic would comment on my answer like “why do you study american history anyway…i’m not sure i want to know where you went to school” or even worse,i’d probably break his nose…

    ok you see i really get into things very fast…enough of my self-therapy

  2. Yes, Lukas, let’s treat them with the utmost respect and deference, the misinformed, the willfully ignorant, the unapologetically stupid.

    When I was a younger, we treated idiots like idiots. We shunned them, we laughed at them. Now, we have Fox news telling them that they’re victims and that anyone who doesn’t think like them isn’t a “real American”. Guys like the one who made this video are the necessary antidote to that.

  3. Treat “them” as you want to be treated.
    (I hate to sound like a philosopher)

    And most importantly do it on an “in your face basis” so everybody has a chance to treat you aswell.

    “When I was a younger, we treated idiots like idiots. We shunned them, we laughed at them.”

    – that’s unapologetically stupid

    “we have Fox news telling them that they’re victims[…]Guys like the one who made this video are the necessary antidote to that.”

    – He’s not cause he doesn’t tell them.

    I’d really like to hear those sentences being silenced and his audio comment is put instead.
    His replies are probably like “Okay”,”Yeah…I understand”,”If you think so”

    He’s no opposition at all.

  4. “Treat “them” as you want to be treated.”
    Unfortunately that only works when both parties agree to act like decent human beings to begin with. Adherents of the party that tells its followers to bring guns to presidential speechs and shouts down sick people in wheelchairs have abandoned this principle from the get-go.

    To clarify what I meant about treating idiots like idiots…I mean to say that something fundamental has changed over the years when it comes to how society deals with overtly wrong-headed people, and I’m not excited about it. It all began with Reagan telling people that it’s ok to hate your government and consider it evil. Reagan also validated the ignorant biases of the extreme Christian right, and then eventually an entire TV network was set up to broadcast right-wing propaganda 24 hours a day, Fox. So now it’s not so easy to laugh away people who think that children ought to be taught that the world is 6,000 years old. It’s not so easy to laugh away the idiots that think that liberals are all communists who hate America, is it? It’s not so easy to laugh away people that think that Obama is a Muslim Communist Kenyan who wants to kill your grandma, is it? An I say again that that’s too bad. It had led to the runination of our country. And if guys like this make videos that expose this segment of the population for the idiots they arem then more power to him and boo-fuckin-hoo that he didn’t treat them in a manner which pleases you.

  5. Ok,I think I got it now.
    For me being not american but german, it’s probably not that easy to see your examples as serious problems.
    But I have to admit that those examples are the reason why a lot of people overhere think of americans as ‘kind of stupid’ in general.

  6. Lukas,

    Apparently Germans were “kind of stupid” from 1933-1945, so that’s what we’re trying to avoid here, ya see? Gotta nip this shit in the bud, before all the fascists and racists get out of control.

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