68 Must-see Sci-Fi Sights Around the U.S.

From SciFiWire:

The Labor Day weekend is right around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to hit the highway for the last road trip of summer. And not just any road trip—a sci-fi road trip!

With this in mind, we tracked down the coolest destinations in every part of the country, everything from roadside attractions to legendary movie set locations, and marked them on a downloadable map available after the jump. Whether it’s scouting for UFOs in Roswell, a visit to the birthplace of Capt. Kirk or a trip to the locations used in The Dark Knight, there’s something for every taste.

(via Gerry Canavan)


  1. They need to add the Very Large Array in New Mexico. http://www.vla.nrao.edu/

    It was part of the movie Contact starring Jodie Foster.

    It’s 50 miles east of Socorro the beaten path of I-25. Strangest attraction we’ve ever visited- drove for miles on a nearly empty back highway, only to pull into the parking lot (empty) of the visitor center. For the video, exhibits, etc, we never saw another soul, not even a person running the place that seemed to be the brainchild of Rod Serling.

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