1. In all reality. I have an iphone and love it. But back then I thought the same thing…. “500.00 for a phone?!?! LOL That will never work. Stick to IPODS Apple”

    I admit, I was wrong. Its outstanding. And this is coming from someone who does not like apps and would consider himself a Windows/PC guy

  2. I resisted for a long time because I’m not much of a cell phone user. But I finally broke down and got one for my birthday.

    It is wonderful. Amazing. The Apps are so useful and entertaining! I have movies, music, I can make my own music. I can paint, use it as a level, I can check my favorite blogs, my email.

    I could go on and on.

    Windows? Let’s just say the idiots I work with keep buying PCs and asking me to fix them. I tell them to buy a mac they don’t listen and I have to spend my break time fixing their crappy pcs. MicroSUCK should be the company name!!!

  3. What a short-lived fad those iPhones were. (Am I typing the name right?)

    Seriously though, I long for one, but I do not have AT&T and my current monthly plan is far too good to drop it. If I had AT&T, I would have gotten an iPhone immediately. I am a happy camper now though since I heard the news that Sprint’s Android phone will be out in October at a somewhat reasonable price point. So, I suppose that will have to hold me over (for now) until exclusivity becomes a thing of the iPhone’s past or I eventually switch wireless carriers.

    P.S. Am I the only one that thinks Steve Ballmer has a funny sounding voice?

  4. The iphone is the greatest thing! It has replaced my ipod,portable dvd player,laptop, and GPS. I can’t imagine not having it now. I use it for work and play and LOVE it!

  5. I’m not all that crazy for the iPhone.

    Ballmer started off saying, right away, they may or may not sell a lot, he didn’t know. He was spot on about the business-user stuff– businesses are only now starting to integrate it, grudgingly. They didn’t want to because it didn’t fit their IT needs, and was hard to integrate. This is legitimate criticism that Apple eventually remedied, but it was valid when iPhone v1 was released.

    The iPhone keyboard comment is justified as well–the onscreen keyboard is nowhere near as efficient as a tactile Blackberry-style keyboard. It’s usable, but it’s still less efficient.

    Yes, ultimately Apple sold and will continue to sell tons. Apple knows user interfaces and marketing and creating lots of hype. But I’ve never understood how fetishy people get over their iPhones. People blissfully overlook its problems (expensive, AT&T, one program at a time, battery life, non-removable battery, no expandable storage, primitive OS), and gush when Apple finally corrects even the most basic omissions (3G, Cut and paste). As far as I can tell they overlook this because the iPhone is pretty and shiny and animates smoothly when they touch things on the screen.

    I mean, look at this: “The iphone is the greatest thing! It has replaced my ipod,portable dvd player,laptop, and GPS. I can’t imagine not having it now.”

    Just–really? It replaced your laptop? Did you use your laptop exclusively for casual email and type on your 102 key keyboard with two thumbs? Not to single you out, John D–The hyperbole when most people talk about the iPhone is astounding.

    Ultimately, you can like whatever you want, and most Apple/iPhone readers will scoff and say I don’t understand, before caressing their iPhones and murmering, “Don’t listen to him, Precious…” I know I’m questioning the God phone while on holy ground, as these comments show. But I think I do understand. And it’s just not all that great. Go figure.

  6. Ballmer unwittingly tells us what we need to know when he says their phone ‘does music.’ I think Apple sets out to make a viable combo phone/music player, not a phone that just ‘does music.’ I think that’s the difference in mentality that keeps Apple kicking ass.

    Also, why does he bash the high price of the iPhone, and then 20 seconds later he talks about how his company did so well pulling people away in the high end of the MP3 market? Car salesman indeed.

  7. @ Trudy
    To each his own. I definitely prefer it to the Crackberry, and if it was such an evil device, why is every other phone manufacturer trying to make a knock-off version of it?
    Apple came up with a great idea before anyone else did,and everyone else is scrambling now to try and gain market share.
    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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