1. I saw this a few weeks ago and went right out watched Battle Royale, while I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was the best movie in the past 15+ years, it was pretty fucking epic if you like that sort of thing.

  2. Good list.

    Although I’m all for pushing the underdogs, I never understood why “Unbreakable” is hailed as the “most underrated movie of all time” constantly. It was pretty slow. But I have to admit, I never liked Bruce Willis in non-action either. Not even that much in The Sixth Sense.

  3. It would be an okay list if “Blade” wasn’t on it. I might be crazy, but somehow I don’t think it was better than all of the Scorcese/Stone/Coen Bros. movies made since ’92.

    Also, any list that includes “Team America” should also include “Office Space”.

  4. Love Battle Royale! Audition was so creepy that I had to watch it with a blanket to hide behind. Have not seen JSA, but Oldboy is one of my favorite movies. Unfortunately, there is an American Steven Spielberg-Will Smith remake in the works that I have very bad feelings about.

  5. I refused to sit through QT’s narrative, so I was pleased to see the list listed elsewhere.
    (Battle Royale, Anything Else, Audition, The Blade, Boogie Nights, Dazed & Confused, Dogville, Fight Club, Friday, The Host, The Insider, Joint Security Area, Lost In Translation, The Matrix, Memories of Murder, Police Story 3, Shaun of the Dead, Speed, Team America, Unbreakable)
    Rob is right. What a pretentious jerk. But then I’ve always felt this way.
    It’s like some video store’s staff favorites where the staff tries to out-do each other in quirkiness.

  6. I’m with rob and Sue.
    This video is a confluence of things I dislike :
    Top “Whatever” Lists,
    “Ain’t I Weird?” gloating,
    QT himself.
    If I watched more than 30 seconds of it, I’d become enraged.

  7. I would have to disagree with the last three posters. I really enjoyed the stuff Tarantino has put made and find it interesting to see what he enjoyed. I’ve only seen about 8 of the films and haven’t heard of almost half, but a guy is entitled to his opinion, and some people are interested in the opinions of industry giants regarding their own industry.

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