1. The one subscription that I’ve consistently held onto for a number of years is to Utne Reader. It’s an aggregate of alternative news sources.

  2. Layers
    National Geographic
    Canadian Geographic

    Other than that, nada.

    Used to be:
    Guitar Player
    Guitar One (formerly “Guitar for the Practicing Musician” – yeah, it needed a name change)
    And the aforementioned (except Layers, that’s a relatively new thing for me)

  3. Geist
    Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet
    Electric Velocipede
    And I recently let my New Yorker subscription lapse again. It’s a great magazine, but the weekly publication always gets the better of me.

    Been thinking about re-subscribing to the Believer.

  4. Cant believe hardly anyone gets papers. I cant do without my paper with my morning coffee. I dont care how many trees it kills (normally im for the environment) or what technology comes up to replace it. I get the NY Times and the Daily News. Used to get the Wall Street Journal but it got so damn conservative. No mags though.

  5. Acts & Facts
    The Skeptical Inquirer
    Sky & Telescope
    Cook’s Illustrated
    The Planetary Report(Does this count? It comes with a membership in the Planetary Society)
    Church & State(Another membership magazine)
    Freethought Today (It is not exactly in magazine format though.)
    Periodically;) I subscribe to Smithsonian and National Geographic, too.

  6. The Les Paul is a nice one to have, that’s for sure. Last year, I had the choice of getting lasik eye surgury, or a Les Paul. And now I am rocking out with glasses on.

  7. I read Orlando Sentinel everyday and occasionally USA Today.
    As far as magazines go: my girlie fashion mags include Glamour and Marie Claire,
    My boyfriend’s girlie mag, Playboy (yes, I really do read the articles), Ladies Home Journal and Better Homes and Gardens, which have great recipes and DIY tips.
    I’ll also pick up my dad’s Science News, Consumer Reports and if I’m in the mood for a laugh,or self-inflicted punishment, I’ll flip through his NewsMax(uber conservative)and NRA magazines.

  8. Chris, I’ve seen the ‘O’ magazine in the checkout line at the grocery store but I’ve never picked one up. Not a big Oprah fan. Kind of surprised you’re a subscriber.

  9. The Skeptical Inquirer
    New York Times
    Detroit Free Press. They only deliver 3 days a week now 🙁
    Just subscribed to Smithsonian again after a 4 year hiatus, but haven’t gotten an issue yet.

  10. Wow, didn’t know you were a guitar guy, Chris (Let’s see some cynical guitar posts!!). I subscribe to Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, and, yes, the New Yorker. But…I receive Rolling Stone and Newsweek as well, even though I never subscribed, asked, or paid for them. Not sure why I keep getting them. I rarely read them, mostly just take them to the gym and leave them in the cardio room. Is this a common phenomenon?

  11. National Geographic
    Parenting, but I’m letting that one lapse (5 Ways to Buy More Stuff From Our Sponsors for Your Crying Baby!)
    Husband buys both Chicago papers every day

    Used to get Smithsonian, but I live nowhere near D.C. Thinking of investing in Real Simple and Bust.

    I live on my laptop, but there’s something to be said for paper, particularly in the case of National Geographic. You simply cannot get 1600 bit depth on your computer.

  12. Salmon & Steelhead Journal currently. Used to susbcribe to a variety over the years. Now I am a twice weekly visiter to the library (in and out quickly) Guitar World, Skeptical Inquirer, Fine Homebuilding/Woodworking, Rolling Stone, Nature, Discover, Wooden Boat, Alaska, Amercan Rifleman, Shooting, Natl Geo, Military History, WWII History, Smithsonion, Scientific American, Astronomy, American History, American Heritage, Oregon Coast are my mainstays. Of course I do not read every single thing in them.

  13. Local paper -Democrat & Chronicle
    National Geographic
    Pick up the weekly rag with local entertainment listings ‘The Insider’ but it’s a freebie

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