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What TV shows are you currently watching?

I think just about every tv show I’m currently watching that is being broadcast has to do with food. Top Chef Vegas, Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, and now I’m sucked in to watching Dinner Impossible. So what if he inflated his resume saying that he helped make Princess Diana’s wedding cake. I thought baking Princess Di’s cake was standard on all resumes like saying you work well in a high pressure environment.

I’m catching up on Doctor Who on dvd. I watched season 2 first and loved David Tennant’s Doctor. I was even hesitant to go back to watch the first season since I didn’t think I would like Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor only to find myself liking Eccleston just as much if not more.


  1. Just got done with season 1 of Tru-Blood. I liked it. The premise is what if vampires come out into public and live among us. They are able to because a company in Japan created a synthetic blood (TruBlood) which is sold in stores like a 6 pack of beer. The series handles the vampires coming out much, much like gays. A lot of Religious Right fanatics protesting Vampire/mortal marriages or affairs, “God hates Fangs!” signs.

    Its interesting and chicks dig the show. So if any of you have a wife or a girlfriend…

  2. The Closer – TNT
    True Blood – HBO (netflix)
    Warehouse 13 -SYFY (kinda cheesy but the wife tolerates it.)
    Royal Pains – USA

    I realize that it’s a pretty mainstream list. I’ll have to check out the recent Dr. Who shows. I haven’t seen that since the Peter Davidson years. Also interested in the remake of The Prisioner (with Sir Ian McKellen) on AMC which should be on soon.

  3. Mad Men, Project Runway and Being Human are at the top of my list of things I must watch.
    I’m looking forward to new Doctor Who episodes and I need to catch up on the last Torchwood special.
    I also enjoy Dinner:Impossible. I’m glad they brought back Robert Irvine. . . I think every show should have a snarky,but lovable, muscular British man;-) I wonder what the equally lovable, snarky, but not as muscular Anthony Bordain thinks of Irvine? He seems to have a disdain for all things related to Food Network, including the people. Maybe he can make an exception. I think the two would get along swimmingly.

  4. The Wire (because of you)
    Hell’s Kitchen
    Top Chef
    Veronica Mars (yeah, that’s right)
    Diners Drive-ins and Dives

    Upcoming shows
    Dexter (this season better not suck)
    Lost (I have invested too much time to give up now)

  5. You’re sort of in for a mixed bag where Tennant is concerned. There are some hits, there are some clunkers… but it’s a fun ride regardless.

    BRING ON MATT SMITH… things are about to get interesting.

  6. “Arrested Development” on dvd. Never saw it when it was originally broadcast. Quite a hoot, so far.

    “True Blood”. There’s NO earthly reason I should like this as much as I do.

    Coming up: “Dexter”.

    My library has the first seasons of “Lost” available ($2.00 for two weeks rental @ season).
    I only saw the first two episodes on broadcast, liked ’em, missed two in a row, and could never figure out what was going on after that. I’m tempted to go ahead and check them out but a little voice in the back of my mind is screaming “Run away! Run away!”.

  7. On DVD, I’ve ben obsessed with “Justice League” and (especially) “Justice League Unlimited.” These are very, very well-crafted cartoons. They work well as stand-alone episodes, but they also link together to form a complex, nuanced story arc that is rarely seen in television. Plus, they feature the best Batman, ever. Things really get rolling with Season Two.

  8. Just caught up on:
    Breaking Bad

    DOCTOR WHO (Woot! BF is watching for the first time. After we finish David Tennent, I’m going to bring him back to the vintage series)
    Project Runway

    I’m watching 30 rock on my own.

    We always watch the cartoons: South Park, Simpsons, etc.J

  9. Not sure how I got sucked into this one

    Clean House.

    I am fascinated by the mountains of crap people have in their homes. And why.

    There’s an order to the show that never varies.

    1. Lively, funny cast meets the sinners.
    2. Sinners shown error of their ways (words “hot mess” erupt from Niecy Nash). Viewers treated to a peepshow of housekeeping disasters.
    3.Sinners realize they have fallen short. Clean House provides the tools of salvation.
    4.A sacrifice is made- possessions purged and sold to fund the next stage of their lives.
    5. Absolution given- home is clean and repaired and freshly decorated. Go in peace.

    Not unlike a church service. Except I believe in carpeting, containers and cleanser.

    Uh, maybe I need to start watching The Wire…

  10. Once in a while I’ll watch Mythbusters or some other Discovery channel stuff. Sometimes assorted history shows as long as someone with an English accent is narrating.

  11. I have to agree with the Justice League/Unlimited though I’m not watching it right now. It becomes surprisingly sophisticated as it goes along. Even my wife liked it. Right now I’m watching back episodes of Kitchen Nightmares which I enjoy much more than Hell’s Kitchen because I really do get the sense that Ramsey actually cares about these people and their success. We also really enjoy Eureka and Warehouse 13.

  12. Mad Men and Army Wives. Can’t wait for new episodes of How I Met Your Mother (funniest show on TV) and the Amazing Race. Also, a huge fan of Law and Order SVU and Futurama.

  13. @Chris:
    I can’t watch season 2 or more of Dr. Who, because I love Christopher Eccleston so much… I’m in mourning. Eventually my love of tv (addiction) will help me to move on. Thanks for the words of hope!

  14. Come on, am I the only one watching “The Colony” on Discovery!
    Post Apocalyptic reality show. Very orchestrated, but fun to watch the inventions they come up with.
    Project Runway-even got the hubby into it.
    My teen daughter and I enjoy the DVD’s of “Spaced”. Simon Pegg, funny stuff.

  15. Project Runway
    Top Chef

    Waiting for Dexter, Fringe, and Lost to start up again.

    Just finished Deadwood, which left an empty, gaping void in the corner of my soul dedicated to enjoyment of television. I loved the show, but it had the most dissatisfying finale. Ever. (Guess I’m a sucker for happy endings afterall). Thinking of watching Rome – any suggestions for an HBO show?

  16. Just finished season 2 of burn notice.

    Now on:
    BSG – on the last half season of season 4
    Curb your enthusiasm

    Next up:

    @Stewmeat: You should check out samurai champloo then. It’s made by the creator of cowboy bebop, but has hip hop instead of jazz, and is in the past with samurai in edo japan instead of in the future with bounty hunters in space.

  17. Better Off Ted
    Dr. Who and Torchwood
    Warehouse 13
    The Middleman
    So You Think You Can Dance Canada
    And, when I can get my hands on it:

  18. We DVR a bunch of stuff, but my current favorites are Mad Men (possibly my favorite show), Psych, the Daily Show, and Penn and Teller’s Bullshit. I look forward to Dexter and Lost this year, too.

    In between the above mentioned shows, you can typically find me watching the Food Network, the Travel Channel, or DIY.

  19. The Best show on TV: Rescue Me, plus Top Chef, Project Runway, the funniest show (Summer edition) Hells Kitchen, Mad Men and counting the days until Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Also FX’s second funniest show Son’s of Anarchy..oooh the’re gonna get ya!

  20. too many!
    DVR and watch with no commercials:
    Rescue Me – along with netflix of past season(s)
    Deadwood – again
    Pushing Daisies – season one (another netflix)
    a lot of surfing, not many ‘network’ shows except Big Bang
    Thanks for some suggestions!

  21. Only watching True Blood currently. I usually don’t like modern-day vampire stories, but this has the HBO twist to it, making it pretty captivating.

    “The Goode Family” is a nice cartoon show about a Hippie family I finished watching the first season of recently. It is created by the makers of Beavis & Butthead and King of the Hill. Kinda subtle and slow (and pretty much canceled), but it’s a lot of fun once you get into it. It’s basically the opposite of American Dad, both thematically and stylistically.

    Currently waiting for Dexter.

    PS: Someone yelled “Cowboy Bebop”? 😀 If you’re in for something totally different, (even if you hate anime), I can only recommend this. Most engaging science fiction we had in the past 10 years. Up there with Battlestar, IMO.

  22. Penn and Teller: Bullshit! (Season 7 just ended)
    Dexter (Season 4 started up. Yay!)
    The Daily Show with John Stewart
    The Colbert Report

  23. I’ve been watching a healthy variety of some of my favourite historical and scientific series that I’ve stolen from various parts of these here introwebs.

    The Day the Universe Changed
    The Ascent of Man
    The World at War

    Good Stuff.

  24. I’m trying to watch every episode of Time Team. That’s basically the only show that makes me sit in front of the TV regularly. Other than that I’m watching the Wire and Mad Men but on DVD. True Blood has begun to air here now and that might also prove to be a show I’ll follow. Oh and I liked Dollhouse as well but I’ve missed too many episodes to claim that I follow the show.

  25. Not really anything at the moment. I’m rewatching old X-files episodes on DVD. I’ll probably start watching House as soon as it resumes broadcast. Maybe I’ll give Dexter a try on DVD – they’re still not airing it over here.

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