1. There is an excellent mockumentary called “Confederate States of America”, which posits modern life if the South had won. Drapetomania is mentioned in it in a parody pharmaceutical ad for a pill to “cure” the “condition”.

    The whole movie is both funny and scary. I highly recommend it.

  2. Ill get this wikipedia article out everytime I hear someone say something like
    ” he’s a doctor, he must be right ”

    what a frightening article,
    what can be worst that bible-based medecine???

    (Besides my grammar and syntax, of course, but i have an excuse, im french-canadian…)

  3. I think doctors should try a dose of their own medicine before they can prescribe it.

    “So doc, now that we’ve beat you to a pulp, did we prevent the devil from entering you? Do you feel like fleeing? Did your “cure” work?”

  4. Yes, it seems that New Yorkers had the same diagnosis for blacks after the great New York City slave rebellion of 1712.

    From the book, White Over Black: American Attitudes Toward the Negro, 1550 – 1812

    “The reaction of New Yorkers to what seemed a major slave conspiracy may best be characterized as one of thoroughly confused horror…

    New Yorkers had had no framework of belief into which a major Negro uprising could be securely fitted…

    One of the judges [in the trial of the rebellious slaves], Daniel Horsmanden, treated the conspiracy…as a monstrous instance of ingratitude toward kindly white masters who had retrieved these Negros from the heathen barbarism of Africa…and as a revelation of the inherent baseness of Negros in general.”

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