Today’s Lunch Craving

(Image from Midtown Lunch)

Someone (Cornjob?) emailed me a suggestion for lunch last week but it’s just sinking in now. A gyro sandwich. There was a Greek restaurant near my office that served amazing gyro sandwiches. The tradeoff was that there was enough garlic in the tzatziki sauce that you’d be shunned for the rest of the day. Although that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But alas, the Greek place folded and was replaced by a Falafel place. And I really hate chick peas.


  1. There’s a place near work that makes excellent gyros… but it would be AWESOME to have a falafel stand/shop as well.

    I forgive you for not liking chickpeas. How about fava beans, which I believe are the original legume of choice for falafel?

  2. When I was younger I used to get Souvlaki’s from a greek place next door to this bike shop I worked at and they were just freaking awesome. would eat there every day. On the days I wanted something different I would get their pizza and it was kinda like crack, not sure what they did different but that pizza was dynOmite.

    suddenly my roast beef sandwich doesn’t taste that good. Thanks Chris.

  3. If it’s not between 2 pieces of leavened bread it’s not a sandwich, it’s a taco or a wrap.

    -Just sayin.

    Gyros are okay. I like the rest of the food greeks offer though, like dolmathes, hummus, falafel, shishakabobs, the salad stuffs with the olives, babaganoosh, etc…

  4. WHOO HOO!! Oddly enough, just got back from having one myself! Time to munch a bunch of Altoids so as not to offend my fellow co-workers. 😉

  5. ^yeah, it’s a US thing, it’s apparently because they got them from the Greeks that stole the idea from the original Turkish doner kebab we get in the UK. Basically the same elephant leg concept though.

    I guess eating them for lunch is an odd US thing too, instead of at 2am after 8 pints as is traditional here! 🙂

  6. 1. I used to eat one nearly every day

    2. Its kebab not “gyro”

    3. That particular kebab looks amaaaaaaazing. you should have eaten it.

  7. Doner Kebabs are SUPERIOR to our gyros. I ate them in France. They were never fatty, and they were always huge, and they had more meat than lettuce, and they were enormous, and the bread was softer, and they were the size of your head, and I miss them.

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