1. Without question, Stanza – I read on my iPod all the time.

    Simplify is a close second, but that’s because my main music player at home has been my iPod dock ever since the kids killed the stereo. Simplify lets me access my whole media collection, not just the 12 ir so gigs I have on my iPod at any one time.

    I also have the Shorter Oxford English Dicionary, which is brilliant for me but it’s wasn’t cheap.

    Other than a couple of small apps (converters, maps) that’s about all I use. I’ve bought plenty, but none have had any lasting use to me.

  2. Pandora for music
    iBird Pro is a very nice bird guide
    NetNewsWire is a good rss reader that stays in sync with the version on my desktop

    Mrs L just broke down and got one last week. So we now have two in the house also.

  3. I should add that if you share an iTunes account you don’t need to buy the apps on each phone. Just buy it on the second phone and it knows you have already paid. I think you can have 4 or 5 phone/devices on one account.

  4. Public Radio – I don’t need to really explain this one…free streaming public radio goodness

    Slacker – prefer this over pandora

    Phone Flicks – manage your netflix

    Wunder Radio – streaming radio stations (paid..but worth it)

  5. Oh, you definitely need The Weather Channel App for iPhone. Definitely!

    Larry Burton
    Sr. Software Architect for Mobile Applications
    The Weather Channel


  6. The Kindle app has been very nice to have (there’s quite a bit of free content at the Kindle store). Love Pandora. For IM, grab Fring (even offers VOIP if you’re in a wifi area).
    If you own a Mini Cooper, there’s a roadside assistance app that ties into the assistance plan afforded by your warranty.

  7. Facebook – The app translates the website perfectly.

    Pandora – My favorite music app.

    Amazon.com – Search amazon, Buy with single click, Your budget will be ruined with this app.

    Flixster – Great movie app. Find out what DVD’s and movies are being released. Find closest theatres and showtimes. Watch Trailers. Sync app to your favorite review site for reviews (mine is rotten tomatoes)

    WordPress – Login and make a post on the go. Easy to use.

    CropForFree – Choose your photos that you’ve taken from your Iphone and crop and edit them. Typically before posting any pics Ive taken to WordPress of Facebook I had to wait until I got to my desktop with Photoshop. Not any more!

  8. Ah, yes, the Kindle app. One that I really want, and can’t bloody get because I live in the wrong country. Mind you, I probably wouldn’t be allowed to buy the ebooks either even if I had the app…

  9. Here is what is on my phone in order of usage (split into paid/free sections)

    Paid Apps (note prices may have changed since I purchased them):
    * At Bat 2009 ($10) – MLB app, streams select games (if you are not blacked-out) local radio streams, gamecasts
    * Air Sharing ($10) – moving files to and from the iPhone, turns iPhone into a webserver to share files with people, reads MS office files and PDFs.
    * ViewTi Golf – ($30) Golf GPS, has tons-o courses
    * Convertbot – ($1 when I bought it) Unit converter, cool interface.
    * geoDefense – ($1 at the time) Cool tower defense game.
    * Bookworm – ($2) make words out of letter on a board, good time waster.
    * Let’s Golf ($5) – fun golf game

    Free Apps:
    * Scorecenter – ESPN app
    * iReddit Free – easier way to navigate reddit on the iPhone. There’s a paid version with no ads as well.
    * Fliq Notes – Simple note application with category supports, I use it for work where the built in Notes app is not quite enough
    * What’s On – TV guide/ Movie info / entertainment news … I use it mainly for the tv guide though.
    * PandoraBox – tracks newly added apps
    * TWC – weather channel app
    * AroundMe – find stores/restarants/hospitals/ etc…
    * Speed Test – tests your upload/download speeds
    * Shazam – identifies what song is playing by analyzing the audio.
    * Epic Pet Wars – MMO game, pretty fun… Use my friend code to join my posse KRSYBQA

  10. Google Earth – just for fun.

    Light saber – great way to geek out with anyone who has seen Star Wars before.

    Space Dead Beef – gorgeous fun game.

    I can Has Cheez Burger – I will not tire of looking at these.

    The NY Times ap

    Labyrinth – fun simple game.

    iTranslate – great for single word translations for a word here or there.

    The Constitution – because it’s fun to have the constitution at your fingertips at any time.

    wikiHow – how-to’s on all sorts of stuff.

    Sirius XM radio – if you already subscribe to satellite radio.

    iFlags – flags of the world

    urbanspoon – finding places to eat.

    I second a lot of the other stuff people have posted here already and plan to look into their recs for one’s I don’t know. Thanks all!

  11. Larry Burton, I should have mentioned this one. Good job on the Weather Cannel app. I do use it every day. Much better than Apples built in app.

  12. -i.TV – localized movie listings, tv listings based off location
    -Now Playing – theater listings based off location with integrated rottentomatoes rating… has a netflix interface i haven’t used
    -Pandora, Last.fm, and Iheartradio- (iheartradio is the clearchannelborg iphone app)
    -Google Reader as an RSS feed since NetNewsWire synch is going away (which sucks, but oh well). not really an app, but you can save an icon on your UI and dock it if you want (I do)
    -NY Times

    -Trism – bejeweled like but more complex with accelerometer enabled play (tilt screen)
    -Fieldrunners – tower defense game
    -Peggle – very good version of the desktop game

  13. oh, and the kindle app is pretty sweet… it will synch read status between devices if you have another Kindle device on which you’re reading a book. only synchs purchased books of course, nothing that you manually load, but still nice (hmm, haven’t checked to see if it synchs books you email in for conversion as I manually load locally… might work, not sure)

  14. After lots of trial and error…

    Huff Post
    USA Today
    Phone Flicks (for updating my Netflix queue
    Amazon & Amazon Kindle
    All Things Digital
    Public Radio
    Chipotle (great ordering system if you like Chipotle)
    Last but not least…I’m a finance guy…HP 10BII Financial Calculator

    I hate being so dependent on a device, but I can’t imagine being without it now.

  15. FileMagnet. I don’t think it’s free, but it makes it very, very easy to transfer files from computer to iPhone. PC or Mac. Works for text files, spreadsheets, .pdfs, etc.

  16. @ Larry Burton

    Love the weather.com app BUT the UI is a bit wonky. When I click on “hourly” I always get “Explorer Map” or “Video.” Perhaps it’s my fat fingers but seems like a better solution would be to have the top nav towards the top…not stacked at the bottom. 😀

    Yes..I know not the venue…but hey if I had the opportunity 😛

  17. Ones mentioned that I agree with:
    SimplifyMedia (46GB of music streamable from my home PC taking up no space on phone—hey eastcoast, what’s your Simplify username, we should be friends on there)
    Slacker (over Pandora)

    Not mentioned…
    GasBuddy (finds the cheapest gas stations close to you, or the closest if on fumes)
    iDaft (a drum pad to play Daft Punk’s Harder Better Faster Stronger)
    USA Today Crosswords
    DailyBurn (track your weight, diet, and workouts)

  18. Yelp for restaurants with the augmented reality easter egg together are way cool. It’s like The Terminator’s visual display screen on your phone, when you are hungry.

  19. Stanza is a must-have, I have an iPod Touch and that app alone made my purchase worthwhile.

    Simplenote – it’s like “Notes” except you’ll actually want to use it.
    Oblique strategies – random cryptic remark from Brian Eno. Like a Magic 8 Ball for the tragically hip.
    Files or Files lite – place to put random files of any type. (Good for reading .pdfs)

    Sudoku & Galcon Lite – great little timewasters
    Flight Control & Ramp Up – two absolutely gorgeous and addictive games. I can’t recommend those two enough.

  20. The mentioned: Around Me, Weather Channel, Facebook, TweetDeck, Wolfenstein, Wikiamo, UrbanSpoon

    Livejournal (for those that LJ)
    Solebon (Paid but a great Solitaire app)
    Yahoo! (mostly to check email and flickr)
    Remote (Apple’s remote control for iTunes via airport)
    FreeMemory (Paid app, frees up memory and gives a good battery status)
    White Noise Lite (Excellent for when you travel, generate a good background noise to sleep better, or at least works for me)
    SitorSquat (bathroom locator)
    Have2P (AT&T lab’s bathroom locator)
    BlueAtlas (Real Estate search, integrated map, good for checking prices or availability of homes or rentals in a neighborhood)
    Google Earth
    Free RSS Reader
    i-Horn (Virtual Air Horn, good when grocery shopping, provides a horn for your cart)
    Convertbot (excellent conversion calculator)
    Find a Metro DC (bought this for a trip to DC and it was awesome to get maps and times for metro trains, including arrivals and delays).

    I did have the Keyboard Cat Bringing Music to Fail Since 2009 app, but they ‘updated’ it to be a smaller file but borked it and now it fails, but it won’t play itself off. When it did work it played the KB cat vid as well as another selection.

  21. Get ready to hate your battery life and connectivity but love your phone! As a foodie, you’ll want Epicurious. It’s great when you’re shopping, see something that looks good, but don’t have a recipe handy to know what else you’ll need to make dinner. Otherwise, the only app I really like that hasn’t already been mentioned is iConvert.

  22. -Bloons (this game has taken up… too much time)
    -NY Times
    -iHandy Level (this has come in handy in hanging pictures, because I definitely don’t own a level!)

  23. You should have asked, “Which apps did you try and delete because they are failures?”

    Twisty Lite is making a monkey out of me, but I play it every day to increase my brain powers. It’s an anagram race against time! No YOU are a nerd!

    Cynics, I, too use twitteriffic! Find me. We’ll bond: twitter.com/curlycomedy

  24. I like Jaadu VNC – you can remotely access your computer and do pretty much anything from there, like email things to yourself, etc…
    iCam – lets you remotely check up to 4 security/monitor cams.
    Live Cams and Emergency Radio are fun.
    If you’re a musician, FourTrack, Noise.ioPro, Beatmaker and the iTM midi controllers are fun to play with.
    If you shoot films, iSlate is handy.
    If you like the cosmos Starmap is a really good one.
    Games I’ve spent more than a few moment with are: Trism, Parking Lot, Galcon, Word Warp and a couple of the chess games like tChess… plus one called Chess Puzzles.
    I use a tip calculator called Tip because I can’t do simple math.
    And for utilities, Photo Rotate is good when you take a pic and the phone’s auto-rotate feature becomes a bug. Shazam can ID even obscure stuff. SnapTell, Barcode, Where To? and GPS kit are nice.

  25. Pandora! I use it almost as much as I listen to my actual music.

    I like this free game Tap Tap revolution though. DDR for your fingers, with a ton of downloadable songs.

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