Glenn Beck Attempts to Spell a Word

Watch it though for the payoff.

On a side note, despite linking to several YouTube clips, I’ve never watched Glenn Beck on his Fox show. (the seizures, the seizures) That’s some studio setup he has. Flipcharts, blackboards, “redrum” scribbled several hundred times on the wall behind the flipchart… It’s like they gave a tv show to the homeless guy in Harvard Square who keeps asking tourists if they’ve seen his shoes.


  1. The latest weapon against progress: words whose first letters almost spell another word.

    Oddly, my logic prof never covered that one.

  2. Yeah, when I first saw this, I thought “That’s misspelled!” Then he said “Only one letter is missing” and I thought, OK, he knows the C is missing, then he revealed that the letter missing was “Y” and of course, I couldn’t even listen to anything else he said.

  3. Hey, logic and spelling aren’t often called upon in the feartainment news arena. Give the man a break. How often does Limbuagh get called upon to spell words larger than 4 letters? Besides, who can be bothered to spell correctly when something as terrible as an oligarhy is looming overhead.
    Wait, don’t the rich already effectively run our country with all their bought congressmen and numerous lobbying groups?

  4. Actually, if you take all the first letters it spells O-L-I-G-A-S-O-R-H-A, which is gibberish. If you pick and choose the ones you want to use, like he does, it spells “LIAR, HA.” I threw it into an online anagram generator. Here are some of the better ones, and I’ve got to say, Glenn is coming across like he has a gay nautical fetish here.
    Aloha Rigors
    Sailor Ho Rag
    Rah Sailor Go
    Oral Rash Go I
    His Roar Go La
    Oral Go Sir Ah

  5. I will watch Glen Beck as punishment after I do something really bad. You know, like murder or rape.

    It’s amazing that the network, even Fox, let him put on a show to demonstrate how to misspell a word.

  6. Cynical-C has three C’s in it – maybe Chris has the missing letter. My full name has 4 C’s in it – maybe I have it. Either way, it’s obviously further proof of the liberal conspiracy. Bwahahahaha.

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