1. Yep, food coloring. And on a brand new wood floor too. I doubt daddy will get that cleaned up before mommy gets home. That crap stains like crazy. Even the kids will be that color for many days to come.

  2. The dad’s last words were classic.

    Funny, same problem at our house 20+ years ago when Mr. Ninabi was watching kids/on the computer.

    Toddler found a poopy diaper in the trash and proceeded to redecorate three rooms of the house while my husband was facing the monitor. And then he had to face ME.

    Love the clips you show on your site- great mix of good stuff.

  3. I know it was probably a case of “If I didn’t laugh, I’d cry”, but it’s the typical America’s Funniest Home Video reaction – instead of actually cleaning the kids up, or disciplining them, he’s videotaping for posterity (and profit).

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