1. That refund should be issued in the form of small aluminum foil balls. I wonder what your average small aluminum foil ball goes for at the local recycling center, and how many one would need to equal $85…plus a little something extra to pay for the gas and the wear on one’s car from carrying it all.

    Sure, it’d cost Penn a bit more but it’d be far more than worth it.

  2. Does anyone else find this guy unbelievably annoying? If he didn’t have a bit of “magic” (for lack of better term)skill, he would be the most annoying d-bag ever. His show, “Bullsh!t” sounds exactly like a bad preacher telling me what to believe. All it does is ridicule and use generic phrases which are not funny, clever, or entertaining in any way.

    I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t stand him.

  3. @Dido

    you sound like you know exactly what a d-bag is, and you practice sounding like one every day!

    btw, what’s a d-bag? dick bag? dirt bag? douche bag? democrat bag?

  4. I knocked out a squirrel with a wadded up ball of duct tape on time, no seriously.

    Penn is quite awesome and really one of the better entertainers we have around today not to mention a pretty smart guy.

  5. Yea, I really never had anything against Penn before, but this video was REALLY obnoxious. I mean, really, is 6+ minutes really necessary in order to divulge ALL the details of that stupid, boring story? Agreed, a bit d-bag.

  6. What Penn has recently experienced is not so much an overly sensitive woman who legitimately was damaged somehow by an aluminum ball, but the whiny, everyone owes me something collection of brats we’ve managed to cultivate in this country.

    Ask a college professor how many brats come in to their office every day wanting to know what special treatment they can get to fix lousy test grades.

  7. I live in Canada and I used a proxy to watch the vid. I just thought you should know, Chris, that this minor inconvenience ruined my whole blog browsing experience 😛
    But seriously, poeple like that lady really grind my gears too.

  8. $54 a month for general coverage (severed limbs necessitating trips to the ER, etc)

    Company provides extended benefits (dental, glasses, etc) Hell, I get $500 /year for each of 10 flavors of specialist (chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncture, etc) Rack up the first two, really want to try acupuncture one of these days…

    Back to Penn: When Teller’s not around, he’s a real mouthpiece. A while back he did some article in Maxim (I think it was rating chocolate) and some of the letters to the editor were hilarious (calling him out for using verbiage like “mouthfeel”)

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