1. Neil Young: The only thing good that has come out of Canada.

    I’ve seen these guys live three times. There might be a little drug damage in there, but they still know how to rock it.

  2. Hmmm. Those ‘off’ harmonies (especially Joni a few times) seem to be the effect of a monitor mix engineer (the guy on stage who is controlling the volume of the speakers in front of the performers) not communicating with the main house mix engineer (the guy out front feeding sound to the main speakers). It happens pretty often, believe it or not, especially back in 1974. You can also tell that Stephen’s monitor is way to high in volume by the way he’s reacting to the sound – he’s pulling real far away and not singing fully, thus going flat and sharp quite a bit… at one point when Joni comes out, Stephen stops singing altogether.

    Anyway, the 1974 tour has a pretty large mentioning in Neil Young’s biography “Shakey”. It almost broke those guys up PERMANENTLY. Neil took to wearing mirror-shades and sometimes walking off stage when Stephen or David almost passed out from too many drugs/drinks. Neil did work with Stephen after the tour, but didn’t communicate with the others for quite some time… apparently, they didn’t get along too well.

    That’s also the tour where the infamous “separate busses” supposedly occurred – all of them chartering different busses so they didn’t have to deal with each other.

    Neil Young did some great music during those days… and Stephen’s band “Manassas” was pretty good as well (it had some famous faces in it.)

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