1. No way. I don’t believe it.
    Not even from fox.

    I had my doubts when I saw it too. If it’s fake, it’s done well though. Right down to the reporter’s voice. I still laughed my ass off though.

  2. A bit irresponsible by the news channel. First they show you a cardboard bear and tell you it looks like a real bear BUT then they don’t tell you how to distinguish between real or fake bears….this could prove fatal to someone.

  3. You can’t hear me, but I’m applauding that news piece. Not just for the bevy of information it managed to convey in such short time but for the courage it must have taken to run such a controversial story.

  4. God I hope this is fake — it HAS to be, no? — but even if it’s not, there are all kinds of idiots out there who think this way. What??? A bear in the woods??? Call the police, Ethel!

    There are mountain lions where I live. People build houses where the mountain lions live, then get upset when the lion eats their poodle. And then it’s just mountain lion hysteria. Gotta kill ’em all. It’s the only way to be safe.

    Actually, there’s another way. Move your fucking dumb ass back into town.

  5. This looks like an old Big Chuck and Little John routine (you have to be from Cleveland to get that). Otherwise, I have bears in my Seattle backyard all the time and they DO look amazingly like a cardboard cutout…

  6. 2D Bears are the worst, you can only see them if they turn sideways on. But seriously, I thought this was Onion.com material. And what was with the rabbit.. I’m not going to poke holes, I’ll be here all day

  7. You know, someone got paid to do that. Someone got paid to say “Gee, you know what we could do? We could make a cutout rather than get stock footage of a live black bear, or even GIS for a picture. A cutout in the trees would be better.” Then someone else, likely also getting paid, said “Yeah, what a cunning plan!”

  8. KUDOS to that reporter. he got assigned to a shitty story, and he had fun with it in a subtle enough way to get it aired.

    “so we know that a bear scats in the woods…”

  9. I think the humor in this piece was intentional, but I’ve never seen that kind of humor in the news before. Maybe the traditional “real news” wants some of that “fake news” demographic action.

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