1. The minimum wage obviously needs to be bumped way up. Clearly a 16 year old flipping burgers should be making $20/hour. Anything else would be absurd!

    Who started this notion that “minimum wage” should be something you can support a family on?

    If you’ve got a family and haven’t got ANY skills to be able do better than minimum wage then there is a bigger problem than just was that minimum wage rate is.

    ps. Pretty funny to see the 4:40 to see that woman in the bottom right corner of the screen try to stop herself from laughing at this ridiculous rich man screaming at his fellow senators.

  2. Estaban is right. Who wants to be paid a wage they can actually live on! I mean the ONLY people that take min wage jobs are the lazy and undereducated, no-one ever takes these jobs because there are no other jobs available or are paying for further education.

  3. You know what’s really hilarious? A conservative troll who rejoices in the thought of people dying in poverty in order to keep his vision of personal purity intact.

    Did I say “hilarious?” I meant “sick.”

  4. Hear hear Estaban. How dare Ted Kennedy turn his back on his impoverished wealthy class and actually try to help people struggling to make ends meet.

  5. My state raises the minimum wage every couple years. My understanding is that it is very ineffective. Minimum wage increases lead to increases in costs of necessities, particularly food, inducing a need for more minimum wage increases. I think min wage increases gain some voter support while really doing nothing much at all.

    PS. Almost held my thoughts on the subject until a later date out of respect for the great senator. RIP to the fearless Lion.

  6. How long would it take for a person to go from no skills and a shitty job to getting an education and qualifying for (but not being guaranteed) a better job without any outside financial help? Throw in a family crisis or two (not limited to unplanned pregnancy, Estaban, you fucking moron) for some extra fun.
    How low would some companies go if there was no minimum wage in place?

  7. It isn’t even an increase. It would barely compensate inflation. This is only a security to preserve a chance for people on the lower end to even try to move up. Seems appropriate for the “land of opportunity”.

  8. Estaban, I don’t know what your skill set is, your education level is or where you live, but here in Florida, the pay is abysmal. I’m not only speaking of low skill, minimum wage jobs, but most jobs. Employers that post jobs that require some college education, like an A.A. or B.A., are only offering $7.50-$9.00 an hour. While that’s only a few dollars more than minimum wage, it’s not very helpful. It’s hard enough to support one person on income like that, let alone a family.
    So another words education and skill doesn’t automatically equal the big bucks.
    On some level, I can understand being opposed to raising the minimum wage for the reason -/ gave. But your dismissive, downright callous attitude is shocking. Everyone has a different situation. Maybe they have gotten themselves into a dire situation,(like unplanned pregnancy)can’t afford to go to college right away, or they don’t have the capacity(i.e. learning disability)to attend college to earn a certain skill set that offers a comfortable earning wage. I could continue to give examples, but I hope you get the point.

  9. Jocelyn: Regarding Estaban, you wrote “I hope you get the point.”

    Don’t hold your breath; the only point Estaban gets is the one on top of his head.

  10. I’ve barely understood the American system of tipping – I can understand it as a compliment for a job well done, but tipping as an absolute MUST to compensate short falls in wages?

    Here in NZ, minimum wage is $NZ12.50 ($US8.54) an hour.

    Undercompensating staff leads to a lack of psychological well being. You’re basically telling them they’re worth less than dogs.

  11. Tipping in America makes little sense, but yes, it’s absolutely a must. Waitstaff are routinely paid only a few dollars an hour under the assumption they will get a certain amount of tips.

    Yes, there are those principled activists who insist on being logical and assholes, and refuse to tip unless there is some exceptional service. But really, you should just understand that a 15% premium is, in reality, part of any price on any menu in any restaurant. You’ll be good to go after that.

  12. America ….land for the rich and wealthy. Oh and those other lower class lazy people who don’t deserve a thing damm it. Flip those burgers for my burger chain you POS, my customers are waiting.

  13. Who started this notion that “minimum wage” should be something you can support a family on?

    Esteban – the notion was started by the management long before a real minimum wage existed (and the injustices which businesses forced upon employees is what brought us the concept of a minimum wage, child labor laws, et cetera).

    No sound-minded businessman would pay a worker a penny more than he can get away with – you don’t make the big bucks if you waste your money paying your people – particularly not in low-margin ventures like the restaurant industry, farming staple foods, or the assembly line work typical of the industrial revolution… you can marginalize profits or you can marginalize people – any equilibrium or truce will be fleeting.

  14. One of the problems in this country is that we’ve deglamorized skilled trades…so people who would have taken apprenticeships to learn trades instead went off to college and earned degrees that frankly aren’t worth a whole lot. So Mr. A.A. ends up underemployed (in his mind), when in reality he wasted resources on a degree.

    My dad has a friend who owns a job shop; he’s paying well above minimum even for semi-skilled labor and people quit after a day or two because the work is too hard.

    And as for unplanned pregnancies, there is no such thing. There’s a clear cause and effect here…you don’t catch a baby like you catch a cold.

  15. @Geary
    I know this is straying off topic, but I feel it needs to be addressed:
    There’s no such thing as an unplanned pregnancy? Condoms break, birth control can fail, especially if used improperly, unprotected, forced sex(rape, if you will) can lead to pregnancy. If a woman gets pregnant and hasn’t intended on doing so, I think that classifies as an unplanned pregnancy.

  16. Frankly, the only question that is worth asking is Does It Work?

    That’s not a simple question, since the goals, the potential benefits, and the potential problems are manifold. Does a minimum wage actually lead to increases in the real value of labour, or does it get outstripped by inflation? Does it lead to improved standards of living, or do the increased costs to business offset the benefits to low-level employees? Does it lead to people at the lowest levels of the employability ladder getting paid more, or does in force them into grey economies or into enemployment? Etc etc.

  17. I was getting ready to start pounding my fist on the table along with Ted… until he said “yabadabadoo” at 6:40… lol?

    Ted, RIP after the health care bill passes.

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